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Official spokesperson for Mas Madrid Monica Garcia Rejected the combined nomination proposed by the leader of Podemos on Monday, Pablo Iglesias, So the training will come up with its own menu for Regional elections in the Community of Madrid The next May 4. However, after criticizing the purple formation, the doctor assured that there would be “cooperation, cooperation and dialogue” with the rest of the progressive formations so that the results of the polls would be translated into “an unquestionable governmental agreement.”

In this sense, Garcia wanted to downplay Split left vote. “It is clear that all the options exceed the five percent barrier, and there is no need to fear that they will be lost with one vote. The presence of three options with a representation of the content is The best way to packRespected Madrid I suggest not get a vote to stay at home. “

Garcia opened the door on Monday to negotiate with Iglesias to attend elections on the same list after the vice president He announced his departure from the government for the Madrid dispute with Isabel Diaz Ayuso From the Popular Party, President of the Community of Madrid. He noted that these talks should be held “without taxes or testosterone.” On the night of the same day, In an interview with La SextaIglesias extended his hand again to Garcia and assured that there would be a long and caring conversation on the same day or during this morning.

however, The negotiations did not bear fruit. Monica Garcia announced that she would be a candidate: “I want to be the next president of the Madrid community,” she confirmed. “We have been in business for a long time, we have a well-groomed feminist, regional and green project,” defended a representative for the formation Íñigo Errejón.

In his Monday letter, Iglesias insisted that agreeing on a joint candidacy would not be easy: There are a lot of scarsBut what we are playing with is important enough for us to try to achieve unity, ”he explained. Garcia has settled the candid case:“ We devote ourselves to looking at our secret, talking about ourselves or giving ourselves powerful blows. It keeps us away from the most importantHe is getting rid of Ayusu and the far right. “

On the other hand, Garcia noted that women do exist “I’m tired of doing dirty work.” So that they are set aside in historical moments: “We have shown more than we know how to stop the extreme right without needing anyone to protect us,” he says. Thus, Garcia described the election call as an irresponsibility to which “no more messes, no more scenes, no more testosterone” can be added.

    The leader of United We Can, Pablo Iglesias, was praised after his intervention this Tuesday in Congress, as the third day of Pedro Sanchez's inauguration as prime minister is taking place.  EFE / Mariscal

Along the same lines it was pronounced Íñigo Errejón, He wrote in a tweet accompanied by Garcia’s video: “Feminism has taught us that we don’t always have to be the heroes.”

*to General From Spain. Special for Page 12.

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