So you can record screen in Windows 11 and use the video on YouTube or Twitch

Xbox Game Bar. (Image: Microsoft)

windowsMuch Windows 10 operating system How Windows 11 operating systemReliance on Screen recording tools and video editing. In Windows, anyone can record their computer screen with a Xbox ROM Tool On Windows 10 and Windows 11. You can then edit the content with clipchampwhich is available by default in Windows 11.

On the other hand, the tool Xbox Game Bar From X-Box It is designed to make things easier for the user when he plans to play on computer with Windows. Among the various functions is the recording of what is seen on the screen, be it in a format video game or an open window.

This makes it easy to record a video during playback or explain what is being done with an open app or web page. Infobae brings this article to explain its components, and if that doesn’t convince the reader, also learn how to screen record thanks to the most popular app on Twitch, OBS studio.

How do you record your Windows screen with the Xbox Game Bar

Xbox Game Bar is one of the big improvements Windows has made in recent years. It was released on Windows 10 and is now also available on Windows 11 with some new features.

It is activated by pressing G + Windows keys It provides direct access to many features without distracting you from playing games or being in a full screen window.

The post of interest in this first part of the guide is Yasir. It is used to record videos by pressing a button. These can be videos for Play or record your desktop screen. And the user can include (or not include) the sound emitted from a video, game, or whatever is captured by the computer’s microphone. When you’re done, you can share or edit the video with another app.

Capture button on the Xbox Game Bar. (Image: Microsoft Help)

You can also choose where captured videos are saved in the Xbox Game Bar by selecting Home > Settings > Games > Screenshots > Screenshot Location. There you can also open the folder that is set by default to store videos and video clips.

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Last but not least to teach, you can control the Xbox Game Bar with Keyboard shortcuts. The best are:

Windows key + G: Open Xbox Game Bar.

Windows key + ALT + G: The final moments of the match are recorded.

Windows key + ALT + Print Screen: The game frame is captured.

Windows key + ALT + R: Start or stop recording.

Windows key + ALT + M: Start or have a microphone recording.

Keyboard shortcuts for the Xbox Game Bar.  (Image: Microsoft Community)
Keyboard shortcuts for the Xbox Game Bar. (Image: Microsoft Community)

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Record screen with OBS Studio

The main free option available today for Windows 11 screen recording is OBS Studio. It is used to record video from different sources and combine these images as Live broadcast via YouTube also twitch. If you want to record your computer screen with OBS Studio, you have to follow these steps:

1. Create a new project and choose display capture also screenshot As a source for recording or sending video. This option can be found in the lower left corner of the main OBS Studio window.

2. Then where you say no source specified, push the button + And he chose screenshot.

OBS studio.  (photo:
OBS studio. (photo:

In Audio Mixer, you can mute the sound coming from the microphone and/or the sound on the screen. For example, you can record your screen without listening to the video or audio playback Spotify also Amazon Music while they are open.

To start screen recording with OBS Studio, you have to click on the button Start recording (start recording). Then, you have to minimize the app so that it doesn’t become a distraction while you’re gaming or recording. When finished, click Stop recording To finish and see the result.

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