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Puerto Rican singer and songwriter Raul Alejandro Ocasio Ruizknown as Raw AlejandroHe surprised a fan yesterday, Friday, during his concert held at Nueva Condomina Stadium in the Spanish city of Murcia.

According to several video clips posted on social media, the girl, who is sitting in a wheelchair, asked the artist to explain…Kiss“, one of three of his latest songs”Extended game“named”R“which he wrote with his former partner, Rosalia.

excess She came to visit me early, we talked all afternoon and now she is one of my best friends (…) I will take her to Puerto Rico… to the beach for some time with me“, the Puerto Rican is heard saying.

When the music started, composer “Saturn Beach” He bent down to kiss her on the cheek, and at last asked the young woman for a round of applause. “Zaida, this is your nightRao exclaimed.

She also announced that she still finds it difficult to explain this issue. “It’s hard for me to sing this next song, but I’m going to sing it because a certain person asked me to.“he added.

Specifically, in the music video for “Kiss“, Rao and Rosalía announced that they were engaged, but in June the couple confirmed that the relationship was over.

Rao was found carrying “Saturn World Tour“For Europe. In Spain in particular, he was able to present to you the most important stages that this country went through Son Foster, Palau Sant Jordi, Bilbao Exhibition Center, La Cartuja Olympic Stadium, WiZink Center And Costa Adeje Golf. Their next shows will be in Italy, France, Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Germany.

newly, Rosalia He gave a hint of the alleged reconciliation with Rao On social media, the evidence that the singer left was in a photo from her Instagram account. The Spanish woman has not been active on her networks since last July 24, when news of her separation from the Puerto Rican man was circulating.

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After weeks without posting anything, Motomami posted a photo with a photo of his bed. The strange fact is that there are several things on the bed, Among these is a red book that Alejandro’s narrator also saw in one of his pictures. They both had the book, which begs the question. Were you together? Could it be evidence deliberately placed to show that they are back?

And as for Fans They don’t miss anything, of course they left thousands of comments on the Spanish woman’s post. Although others claim that the book is a dictionary, it does not necessarily explain that they are back together and that it is just a coincidence.

At the same time, the Puerto Rican continues to do his best for love in his concerts, where he does not hide his hatred for his breakup with Rosalía.

In one of his performances, he sang:My love is Hana“But before he says”I never thought I would sing this song live, but I will only play it in Barcelona for the only time in my life“.

Rao could not hold back his tears, so he wiped away his tears in front of the audience and continued, but what caught most attention was that he showed Rosalia’s tattoo on his chest and said, “Love like this is unforgettable.” From night to night “morning”.

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