Puerto Rico prior to imminent commissioning with radar in North Access, on Route 12

In the next few days, the necessary modifications for the final operation of the radar will be completed on National Route 12 in the Northern Access Area to the city of Puerto Rico.

“A radar that is duly enabled by the National Highway with all current statutory regulations, and only the arrival of the appropriate personnel to calibrate it is missing, and then it will be operational,” explained the municipality’s legal advisor, Nahuel Pittod.

The stationary radar will be placed at the intersection of National Route 12 and Aduana Street, access to San Alberto Puerto and San Alberto Colonia “the place where a radar has already been installed that has not been authorized by the National Highway Administration, since the procedures to place one that meets all requirements have already been made,” Petuaud said.

“In this way, we provide a solution to an old road dispute at the intersection of a very important road in Puerto Rico and a national highway” where many people died and others caused severe consequences after various collisions and road accidents.

The radar will operate 24 hours a day, as it has the necessary equipment for that.


The southern access to the city also presents inconveniences when it comes to traversing it because the urban crossing works converge with serious security flaws, access to the Puerto Rico Industrial Park and the usual movement of pedestrians and vehicles from neighborhoods that traverse the national. Route 12.

A mobile radar is usually stationed in this place, and in this regard, Nahuel Petwad said, “We know that this is not a final solution, but it has helped greatly in reducing the traffic problem in the area.”

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In principle, what has been achieved with the presence of mobile radar is a significant decrease in the speed of access to the city in a south-north direction, which is one of the most worrisome problems when navigating the place.

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