Pixelatl Festival: These are the projects that will compete for the “Chinelo Audiovisual 2022” award

The Pixelatl Festival which will celebrate its eleventh edition of From 6 to 10 Septemberin Guadalajara– revealed the projects selected to compete on “Chinelo Audiovisual 2022”, Appreciation award for animation work in the form of a short film.

International Animation Film

  • vortex gameby Augusto Schillaci (US and Argentina, 2022)
  • The Monkey, by Xosé Zapata Pérez and Lorenzo Degl´Innocenti (Portugal – Spain, 2021)
  • MonsterWritten by Hugo Covarrubias (Chile, 2021)
  • uncleBy Juan Medina (Mexico, 2022)
  • #BinaryGenderNorm: GirlsWritten by Bernardita Ojeda and Christian Freire (Chile, 2021)
  • KeradoBy Andres Castillo and Diego Alejandro Castillo (Colombia, 2022)
  • dividing lineCristian Arredondo (Mexico, 2022)
  • boob fairyBy Léahn Vivier-Chapas (France, 2021)
  • nights on fireBy André Michel (Mexico, 2022)
  • exileBy Susana Lorena Gomez (Mexico, 2021)
  • phonesBy Gabriela Padillo (Mexico, 2021)
  • pink noiseBy Martin Weklund and Athrour Lemitri (France, 2021)
  • The Adventures of Sir PercivalWritten by Picchu Lo Bianco, Mariano Bergara and Javier Murad.
  • colorlessWritten by Estefania Pérenes (Argentina, 2022)
  • passengerWritten by Juan Pablo Zaramilla (Argentina, 2022)
  • snakeWritten by Nicholas Eduardo Parra (Colombia, 2021)
  • Spring always comes backBy Alicia Nunez (Spain, 2021)
  • the toiletBy Raul Morales (Mexico, 2022)
  • ShadesBy Jose Prats and Alvaro Robles (France-Spain, 2020)
  • shadow of my life By Hajar Moradi (Canada, 2021)
  • Mom’s painJuliana Irazzo.
  • Bodies that fightby Catalina Ibanez (Chile, 2020)
  • The Gruneby Alisi Telengut (Canada, 2021) International Student Short Animation
  • AprilBy Eliana Fernandez and Sophia Victoria Caponeto (Uruguay, 2021)
  • the paperBy Katerina Anna Maria Hocka (Finland, 2022)
  • I was attackedBy Sarah Maceo (UK, 2022)
  • Soloistsby Mehrnaz Abdallahinia, Viben Ouldhaouaria, Razak Isaka, Celeste Jamnick, Ye Liu (France, 2021)
  • wetBy Marianne Bergogno, Lorient Monbert, Melina Mandon, Chloe Berberonne and Elvira Tossac (France, 2021)
  • twitterBy Fleur Bien, Elisa Bode, Jeanne Damas, Gabin Egorges and Bradley Legon (France, 2021)
  • Journey into amnesiaBy Anouk Killian Debord (Belgium, 2021)
  • sweetnessBy Sofia Belen Sosa and Esteban Gabriel Dunand (Argentina, 2022)
  • Cin’s tearsWritten by Yannis Belaid, Elliot Benard, Nicolas Mayor, Etienne Moulin, Hadrian Pinot, Lisa Vicente, Filipino singer and Alice Letelior (France, 2021)
  • Luggage room Written by Daniela Cuenca Valdez (Spain-Colombia, 2021)
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An animated short film, a student of Mexico

  • sea ​​girlBy Andrea Muñoz Castillo (SAE Mexico, 2022)
  • 3:00 amBy Hugo Diego Salas Padilla (SCENE, CMDX, 2022)
  • Xocolatlby Ivonne Medina (ITESM Querétaro, 2021)
  • BakinikoWritten by Paula Alejandra Pantoja Alveso (Autonomous University of Aguascalientes, 2022)
  • whyby Frida Moran and Daniel Campos (SAE Mexico, CDMX, 2021)
  • Fire by Romina Diaz-Araujo and Clara Helena Cobo Reyes (ITESM Querétaro, 2021)
  • Lucilleby Sophia Miller (SAE Mexico, CDMX, 2020)
  • uneven cutby Julieta Galvan (Vancouver Film School, 2022)
  • TinoWritten by Ana Lucia Alcala Pérez (University of Monterey, 2021)

Check more information and programming Pixelatl 2022 in format www.convocatoriapixelatl.com s www.pixelatl.com.



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