Photographer captured an aerial view in the middle of a solar eclipse

Rio Negro photographer Mario Velassuso captured a great photo in the middle of the 23rd edition of the Alien Voila traditional air show. In it you can see three planes performing acrobatics in the sky, but in the midst of an unparalleled cosmic event: the first eclipse part of Sun of the year.

The photo was posted by the portal Allen’s Diarywhere neighbors from all over the Alto Valle admired and congratulated the photo report on the stunning shot.

Planes Crossing the Eclipse, Incredible Portrait of Mario Velassuso. Our friend and photojournalist captured the moment of the eclipse on his cameraWhile the planes were doing acrobatics in the Allense skies,” his Facebook colleagues crossed.

The photo was taken on Saturday during an air show and quickly spread across social networks. The event is organized by the local Aeroclub and will run on Sundays with a colorful and impressive agenda of proposals for the whole family.

solar eclipse

Southeast Argentina’s Patagonia was one of the best places in the country to observe the partial solar eclipse that occurred on Saturday afternoon. The moon It was intertwined between the Sun and Earth, creating an “as eaten” effect, covering roughly 39% of its surface, according to Conicet researcher Beatriz Garcia.

The partial solar eclipse that occurred on Saturday was the first of four astronomical events that will occur this year and can be seen in different proportions in the Southern Cone, Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay and in the Pacific Ocean with the sun being “in the west”, meaning that it occurred between 5:36 pm and 6 pm :38 p.m., Argentina time, the astronomer explained in detail.

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“When the moon stands between the sun and the earth, a solar eclipse occurs, but for it to be total, the cone of the moon’s shadow must touch the earth, which is not the case because it is the cone of the person who touches it, then the sun disk is not completely hidden,” the specialist explained.

The astronomer determined that the moon touched the edge of the sun at about 5:36 pm, and passed in front of it partially covering it. Garcia advances, “The surface of the Sun can be described as being a little eaten, because the Moon will cover 39% of the solar disk.”

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