“Without a great idea, it’s hard to get back an F-Zero,” says a retired Nintendo veteran.

Although he confirmed that the speed saga “didn’t die,” Takaya Imamura wanted to be honest in an interview with him.

It is one of the forgotten Nintendo stories. The last F-Zero arrived in 2003 for the Nintendo GameCube. It was successful, but since then no delivery has arrived, despite fans requesting it The epic of space driving and unbridled speed. But someone close to Nintendo confirms that the series “Not dead”.

It says Takaya Imamura, Nintendo artist and designer who has worked on series such as Zelda or Starfox Among other things. May grant Interview To the IGN portal, where he talked about F-Zero, awakening a minimum of optimism. Although his return depends on several conditions.

For now, Nintendo has not commented on F-Zero’s future“Without a great idea, it’s hard to get it back”, Says forcefully Imamura, who confirms that they thought of getting him back on several occasions, but did not end up taking the step. He also reassures that even though he is no longer in Nintendo, the saga is not dead, and he may one day end up making a comeback. Although at the moment there is nothing but wait.

Out of curiosity, he spoke in the interview about the inspiration that Daytona USA, SEGA’s driving game, had to finish its formation. F-Zero GX. “We had an arcade system board called Triforce which was based on the GameCube architecture, so when Nagoshi suggested building one Arcade version of F-Zero, I was very happyBecause I’ve always been a fan of this genre, “says the creator.

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We’ll see if F-Zero returns sooner or later, and it’s epic Nintendo Always this It was difficult. Indeed, we consider it One of the most complex stages in history.

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