Penelope Cruz remembered the emotional gesture Salma Hayek made when she arrived in Hollywood

Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz stand on the red carpet during the Academy Awards at the 92nd Academy Awards in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, US, February 9, 2020. REUTERS/Mike Blake

Salma Hayek s Penelope Cruz They have maintained a close friendship since they started their career in Hollywood, which began thanks to the fact that the Mexican invited the Spaniards to it staying at home When she was only waiting for a hotel room.

Penelope Cruz is invited Ellen Show, where he shared some stories from his last months with his family. In the conversation, Elaine remembered that Salma Hayek had confirmed this on various occasions haunted palace, so the protagonist Parallel mothers She remembered the first time she was at her friend’s house.

The Spaniards revealed that Veracruz He sought her support since the first day he was in Los Angeles, because she found out that Cruz had to stay in a hotel while filming the movie she’ll be working on, and Salma wanted those days to be more enjoyable for her partner.

With her friend Penelope Cruz (Instagram: salmahayek)
With her friend Penelope Cruz (Instagram: salmahayek)

“When I first went to Los Angeles, We didn’t know each otherOnly over the phone. I came with a ticket to make a movie. I had my return ticket. So I’ve been coming for two months I didn’t know anyone here. He picked me up from the airport and said:You are not going to a hotel. You come to my houseBecause this is difficult at first. You will feel very lonely. So he took me to his house,” recalls the protagonist wild spirit.

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Penelope admitted that she considered her her sister because of these kinds of gestures Hayek made.

“That’s why, it is Now we are like sisters. I ended up sleeping in his room because I was scared. And you know, that’s how we met. Besides everything, in the middle of the night, you say so hold her hand Because I was afraid. I don’t know, I was dreaming,” he continued.

The Spaniard also realized that the beginning of her friendship with Salma was strange because of the trust they have had since they met, but she also thinks it is a tender thing and that is why over the years she continues to feel great affection for his partner.

    AP 162
AP 162

“It was surprising that someone I didn’t really know, by phone only, made sure to pick me up at the airport and not let me go to the hotel. Whether I wanted to or not, he told me, You don’t know me but you will come to my houseI won’t leave you alone. I love her so much, from day one it was with me,” said the protagonist Back.

For her part, the Mexican revealed months ago that Penelope was also a friend with her who seeks her help and support, such as the case of harassment that Salma received before. Harvey Weinstein.

The Frida star denounced the abuse of the film maker through a column published in New York times. Until that moment, Hayek did not talk about the matter, nor with people close to her. And therefore, Cruz was annoyed with her When I read about the horrors she had to put up with, I wondered why she wasn’t told to support her in this way. Although upset, she accompanied her in those difficult moments.

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The friendship between the actresses led to them working together in Hollywood with the movie Mugger (2006), but both also managed to gain fame in the United States, and become icons of the Hispanic community in the world.

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