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Pence welcomes Republican lawmakers’ attempt to challenge Biden’s victory

  • Vice President Mike Pence supports the efforts of Republican lawmakers who plan to challenge President-elect Biden’s victory during a joint session of Congress.
  • About 12 senators and 140 Republican members of the House of Representatives indicated that they would oppose the certification of the Electoral College votes.
  • The objections of the House and Senate may delay the approval of the results, but they will not change the election results in any US state.
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Vice President Mike Pence supports Republican lawmakers’ efforts to challenge President-elect Joe Biden’s victory by opposing the certification of the Electoral College vote.

“Vice President Pence shares the concerns of millions of Americans about voter fraud and irregularities in recent elections,” Mark Short, Pence’s chief of staff, said in a statement. Washington Post mentioned.

The Vice President welcomes the efforts made by members of the House and Senate to use the power they wield under the law to raise objections and present evidence to Congress and the American people on January 6.

The statement came after Senators and Republicans indicated that they would object to certifying the Electoral College vote.

President-elect Joe Biden won the election with 306 electoral votes compared to President Donald Trump’s 232. The results were approved in every state, and presidential voters cast their ballots last month.

Voters are due to be approved on Wednesday during a joint session of Congress, which is usually procedural, to confirm the winner that the electorate and the Electoral College have indeed chosen.

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As vice president and president of the Senate, Pence will oversee the validation of the results.

But Senator Ted Cruz is from Texas Advertise On Saturday, he will oppose the ratification, and about ten more senators are expected to join him. Cruz’s efforts seek a 10-day emergency scrutiny of election results.

Senator Josh Holly of Missouri was as well Referred to Wednesday will oppose the certification.

The objecting senators have expressed concerns about the integrity of the elections, although there have been scores of lawsuits relating to election fraud It was unsuccessful. The Ministry of Justice said that, too There is no evidence Widespread fraud that could alter the election results.

He said some Republican senators, including Senator Mitt Romney from Utah They will not support the effort To challenge the election results.

Meanwhile, there are at least 140 Republican House members Plans to vote against The confirmation of the Electoral College vote on January 6.

The objections of the House and Senate may delay the approval of the results, but they will not change the election results in any US state.

Pence’s signal to support the effort came a day after he was sued Expelled in court.

Rep. Louis Gomert of Texas led an attempt to sue the vice president over his role in overseeing the certification process scheduled for Wednesday. Gohart said that Pence should have the power to accept or reject the results of individual state elections, giving him the opportunity to reject votes from countries that Biden won.

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Before the court ruling, Pence and the Justice Department asked the judge to stop the lawsuit, which was actually unlikely to succeed.

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