The European campaign against the blockade of Cuba added votes from Canada

On behalf of the platform that promotes social justice, Alison Bowden, in a message broadcast by the channel on the YouTube network, expressed her denunciation of the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by Washington, a policy she described as criminal and cruel.

A member of the editorial board of the magazine of the same name (Fire this time) confirmed that we support this “tsunami” and call for an immediate end to the blockade.

Likewise, Bowden demanded from Vancouver that Cuba be removed from the United States’ unilateral list of countries that sponsor terrorism.

According to the activist, the Canadian organization is carrying out solidarity actions in Canada with the Caribbean country, including participation in demonstrations, convoys and international conferences, in addition to sending postcards.

He said that we want to say that with coordinated solidarity, we can put an end to this criminal and cruel policy of blockade.

Europe for Cuba this month launched the call for a “global tsunami against the blockade”, with the aim of ensuring that condemnation and denunciation of the blockade imposed by Washington for more than 60 years is transmitted from country to country in April and May. And from continent to continent.

The initiative began in Canada, where during the week the Canadian Network for Solidarity with Cuba, the Juan Gualberto Gómez Association of Cuban Residents in Toronto, the organizations Not Only Tourist and the Cuban Canadian Friendship Association endorsed their position rejecting the blockade.

The president of the aforementioned association, Julio Fonseca, announced on Monday the filling of a container with medical supplies destined for the island.

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We are dedicating this container to the “tsunami” campaign against the blockade that the United States is practicing against the Cuban family, he said.

Europe vs. Cuba announced that the initiative will go to other countries in the American continent in the coming days, before reaching Europe, Africa and Asia.

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