Palestinian lawyer Noura Erekat claims that the United States is normalizing apartheid by receiving the President of Israel

Today, President Biden hosts Israeli President Isaac Herzog at the White House, who will also address a joint session of Congress, which several progressive Democratic lawmakers have announced they plan to boycott. Biden recently criticized the right-wing make-up of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government, calling it “one of the most radical cabinets” he has seen. Despite this, Biden invited Netanyahu to visit the United States this year. We discussed the issue with Palestinian human rights lawyer Noura Erekat, who said the visits by the Israeli rulers are an attempt to “normalize apartheid.” In addition, he compares the current US support for Israel to the support the North American country gave to apartheid South Africa. “The United States is not only complicit, but a pillar of Israeli apartheid because of the clear financial, diplomatic and military support it provides to this country.” Erekat praises the work of activists and political figures who, according to a recent Gallup poll, tend to have more democratic sympathies toward Palestine than Israel.

To watch the full interview in English, click here.

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