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No possession of the ball or a single shot on goal against Bayern Munich

There was a worse Barcelona, ​​but not that small. Barcelona made their Champions League debut against the opponent who had endorsed the worst win in their European history (8-2 in Lisbon). Koeman who once feared the worst like most fans, He decided to die on his knees instead of falling to his feet. He put together a five-man defense as soft as butter, as the strength of Ronald Araujo and Gerard Pique at times cemented Bayern Munich’s supremacy. The worst was the offensive balance, with no shots on goal in 90 minutes. The Bavarian team was better on paper, but as soon as the ball started rolling last night… it turned out that they were teams of different sizes. Where there is no more, there is no more.

Players walk through the changing room tunnel. (Reuters)

The Dutch technician has sent a message to his people since he decided to modify the system to try to protect himself. He knew they were inferior and reminded him of the squad. Nothing could be further from the fact, that the five-man defense composed of Sergi Roberto, completely outpaced by Alfonso Davies, Pique, Araujo, Eric Garcia and Jordi Alba, lasted as long as Bayern Munich wanted. Barcelona not only defended poorly despite the accumulation of many players in their field (as in 0-1 for Muller) and close to Marc-Andre ter Stegen, but also He never had a plan to win the match.

Thomas Muller fired unopposed 0-1 despite Barcelona’s defense mustered. (Movistar +)

Looks like the target reduces damage by chasing shadows. Avoid a new win. Save the irony that a new black night may result in a painful history that is already beginning to weigh on Barcelona. Something that Thomas Muller, Leroy Sane, Jamal Musiala, Joshua Kimmich, Leon Goretzka and Robert Lewandowski have taken care of. When Bayern got it, it all made sense. however, Barcelona did not have mechanisms in their notebook to run the ball from behindTherefore, the only way to escape was the balls of some Memphis Depay and Luuk de Jong who had not once shot on goal.

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He gave the ball to Bayern Munich

In other words, Barcelona withdrew the ball for fear of losing it and the lack of automation to build from the first passes. And when he tried to keep the ball, he did not go beyond the middle of the field before the stifling and vital pressure of Bayern Munich.. Possession is not distributed (48% with Barcelona, ​​52% in favor of Bayern), but the Bavarian was vertical, harmful and offensive. That’s why he left Bayern Munich with 17 shots and seven shots between the three sticks. Up front was the superb Joshua Kimmich who swept through Sergio Busquets, Frenkie de Jong and Pedri in a display of ball and tactical and physical positioning. There is no trace of this team that knew how to stop the opponent by defending with the ball. The rhythm of Europe passes over Barcelona.

Sergi Roberto, one of the two main mentioned. (Reuters)

But let’s get back to the defense. Ronald Koeman was all so helpless He didn’t even drop Bayern Munich playersWho passed by like planes. There is only one data as negative as zero shots between the three allowances, and that’s the sad nine fouls made in the 90 minutes. Barcelona faced many tactical and technical problems, the difference in level was obviously too big, but it also lacked a defensive position. Focus, coordination and other intangible aspects of statistics. Maybe that picture Robert Lewandowski controls and dribble inside the area With players up front watching how he did it is the most obvious example.

Lewandowski dribble in the area while keeping an eye on the midfielders and the mediators don’t arrive. (Movistar +)

I admitted it You arrived at the post-match interview: “This is what it is, we are what we are now I hope players are added. It’s a complicated year. “Maybe, a few duels showed the difference in level between Barcelona and Bayern, and that’s what we are, we are what we are now” that the duel between Sergi Roberto and Alfonso Davies. The Canadian left-back for Bayern passed over a player who is still said “Not a side”, but he He does not stop collecting gamers in that area who have discovered that his rivals are a weak link in the Barcelona chain.Find a free highway.

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The heart of Bayern attacking winger Sergi Roberto. Follow Favorite

The worst thing for Barcelona last night was not the defeat. Not even the embarrassing result. The worst thing is knowing that If Bayern Munich had wanted to do more damage, it wouldn’t have been 8-2 this far As they appear. That if the numbers were shameful, the feelings were much harsher. Koeman said in recent weeks that he was “a Cruyff player but also a realist”. Nothing is more realistic than observing a reality bathroom initiated by a project that started on July 1, 2021 as Julian Nagelsmann.

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