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The Rectorate Gardens once again hosts the Sugar Mills Fair and the closing ceremony of Cuéntame tu tesis. | Sanchez Moreno

The University of Cordoba, through the Unit for Scientific Communication (UCCi), joins Night of European Researchers, a project promoted by the European Commission, which is being held simultaneously in more than 371 European cities with the objectives Take the flag to the streets Through multiple formats in an entertaining and informative way, advance scientific careers, publish research, and connect citizens to the research staff that makes scientific progress possible.

On this occasion, the proposal will focus on the so-called European Green Charter, the roadmap for providing the European Union with a sustainable economy and among its objectives, among others, is to promote the efficient use of resources by moving towards a clean and circular approach to the economy, restoring biodiversity and reducing pollution.

The date will be on September 24th, although scheduled events will start from today. Thus, you will start with Treadmills on the way, an activity in which five research teams from the University of Cordoba will hold virtual workshops with educational centers in the province of Cordoba to bring science closer to students who have previously watched a video that includes practical experiments carried out by the research teams. Ingenios is celebrated on the way from September 15-17 and September 20-22.

Previous Activities

Today too will happen night on the way In the municipal library Villafranca. Researchers from the European Project Diverfarming will hold a meeting with the public on crop diversification and sustainable agriculture.

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As last year, on Friday the 17th, in the university administration, the pick up from Baby teeth from the tooth fairy, an activity coordinated by the National Center for Human Evolution Research, where youngsters can, in exchange for a gift, be part of a set of dental pieces that will be used for forensic studies and human evolution.

Already on Thursday 23, it’s turn Science bites. Bar El Barón welcomes three researchers and nine researchers who will tell in just 5 minutes some very interesting things in their fields of work. A focused dose of science and research in an entertaining and informative style.

botanical garden

The Botanical Garden will host various activities from the European Researchers’ Night. Today and next Thursday the 23rd, welcome garden to useSome guided tours that will show how to organize the activities the plants In the kingdom of vegetables, even what mankind has used for it

Tomorrow Thursday and 25th, the guided tour will take place If this is a mill, where is the wheel?: Regolfo mills in Córdoba that will go through some of mills Hydraulics for the city to show how it works and what it is used for.

On the seventeenth, there will be a file A tour of the Andalusian Plant Germplasm Bank, where the wild plant diversity of the autonomous community is guarded and distinguished by the collection of plant germplasm (seeds, bulbs, pollen, spores), thus enabling the recovery of threatened plant species and populations.

On Saturday the 18th, it will be the turn of the workshop From chlorine to biodiversity: creating aquatic ecosystems in city fountainsD, which invites you to familiarize yourself with the garden’s fountains and their naturalization process, as well as immerse yourself in the interesting aquatic ecosystems created in them. On the 24th and 25th, the European Night for Scholars encourages us to do A journey into the past of plants At the Paleobotanical Center of the Royal Botanic Garden in Cordoba to learn how to do fieldwork, transport, document, record and store fossils.

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Due to the capacity limitations imposed by the pandemic, it is It is necessary to reserve a place in advance To participate in the face-to-face activities organized for this event.

A few great researchers

Students of all stages, from infants to high school, will present their experiences and projects related to science, nature or the environment. A scientific committee, made up of research staff from the Botanical Garden, the University of Cordoba and the IESA-CSIC Institute for Advanced Social Studies, will evaluate the presentations made by young researchers for their projects.

One hour of little stories

From 9:00 pm to 10:00 pm, on September 24, several courtyards in the capital of Cordoba will host an activity consisting of small one-hour get-togethers. The format is a quiet two-way conversation with the general public. A second life for construction waste, oak, postmodern science, artificial intelligence, cancer, or the circular economy will be some of the topics that will be covered.

PhD students count their work

At the Central Gala of La Noche de los Investigadores, to be held in the Rectorate Gardens on Friday the 24th at 7:00 pm, the finalists tell me that your thesis will compete for the three prizes – 600, 500 and 400 euros respectively – with which the best student work will be rewarded PhDs at the University of Cordoba who have been able to turn their research projects into a creative monologue.

Experiences, workshops and more

On September 24, from 6 pm to 12 pm, the University Gardens will host the Sugar Factories Exhibition, a science fair open to the public where 26 research groups present their work in a hands-on way. Visitors will be able to learn directly and in an entertaining way from investigations in various fields, narrated by their directors and experts in the field through talks, games and experiences.

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