Netflix investigates an Egyptian pyramid in this stunning docuseries based on true events

while Indiana Jones Directing its fifth adventure in Spanish cinemas, Archeology finds further sources of inspiration in the audiovisual field. In this case, Netflix A pleasant surprise for amateur Egyptologists is the screening of the documentary for the first time The Unknown: The Lost Pyramid.

This new production is directed by Max SolomonHe has interventions Mostafa WaziriSecretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities in Egypt, W Zahi Hawasswho held this position until 2011. In addition, Hawass is considered one of the most respected experts on the archaeological heritage of the African country.

With many works published in Spain, such as Kingdom of the Pharaohs also Tutankhamun: Tomb TreasuresHe has used his media megaphone senses on many occasions to ask Europe and the United States to do so Recreate many effects which they stole from their nation. For Hawass, for example, the Rosetta Stone should not be “in a museum,” but in an Egyptian museum.

What is “The Uncharted: The Lost Pyramid”?

As if it’s a reverse race to the moon, archaeologists from all over the world are fighting each other to be the first to do so. Discover a legendary pyramid He is supposed to rest under a bed of burnt sand in the Saqqara desert, where the city of Memphis was located.

Sean Patrick Flannery

In this place of Giza graveyardAnd terraces (a typical funerary building for the Egyptian pharaohs) f Pyramids With more than five thousand years. In this way, Hawass and Waziri will have no reason to get bored if the legendary pyramid refuses to rise to the surface.

Tourists at the Great Pyramid of Giza.
Tourists at the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Where do you see “Uncharted: The Lost Pyramid”?

from last july 3This documentary is available at Netflixranking as the second most-watched original content in the world, second only to Tyler Rick 2.

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Its reception by the public has been excellent: on the website Rotten tomatoesAnd Approved by the public 83% Specialized critics have praised the sentiments of “A race against timeWho conveys his narration, which makes this documentary special, and distinguishes it from the rest of the archaeological products in Egypt.

The cast of “The Unknown: The Lost Pyramid”

  • Zahi Hawass
  • Mostafa Waziri
  • Essam Sechab
  • Ashraf Mohie

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