Netflix: An unexpected traveler exposes a series of ethical dilemmas in expanding space

An unexpected passenger (stealthilyUnited States / Germany, 2021). direction: Joe Pina. Script: Joe Pina and Ryan Morrison. Photography: Clemens Baker. Mounting: Ryan Morrison. List: Anna Kendrick, Tony Collette, Daniel Day Kim, Shamir Anderson. Duration: 116 minutes. Available in: Netflix. We saw: Hassan.

In the near future, a small crew leads a spacecraft to take off to Mars. The goal is to develop a series of experiments related to plants that enable the development of life in that inhospitable place. Science fiction themes have roamed from the start: rigorous mission training, dazzling with experiment in space, and the risk of setbacks that would jeopardize that fate. Each crew member works according to their discipline: Navy Commander (Tony Collett) focuses on her conversations with command on the ground and the operation of the ship; Biologist David (Daniel Dae Kim) applied to his experience and its implications for and for the future of science; Dr. Zoe (Anna Kendrick) is a representative of the human worldview, attentive to affairs of existence that do not change due to confinement and remoteness.

Director Joe Pina, along with screenwriter Ryan Morrison, uses space as a framework – attractive by the way – to lay out a series of existential dilemmas regarding science and human morality. While you might mention the visual environment gravity By Alfonso Cuarón and recent explorations about life as an astronaut I promise to come back From Alice Winokor, what matters here is the balance between the demands of knowledge, the success of the mission, the achievement of goals on the one hand, human dignity, and moral commitment to one’s life and the lives of others. , On the other hand.

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This series of discussions began due to the unexpected appearance of a passenger (Shamir Anderson) who was not on the payroll and the consequent technical adjustments affecting the ship’s orientation. The mystery that this unknown number raises in the crew, and there are fewer questions about its reason and background. The axis is always mapped to the effect of this appearance on a meticulously planned space flight.

An unexpected passenger

The film relies on the solvency of the performances – as is often the case with camera films – and on an exploration of this stifling introspection. Toward the end, he uses the stress sequence, an unnecessary buildup of forced setbacks, and some emotional redundancy in the afflicted, but manages to keep the heart of his research at heart. Perhaps it was Claire Dennis who was able to better explore these human dilemmas in the ocean of space. Upscale lifeThe modesty of the Pina Road does not detract from its advantages upon arrival.

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