Natera triumphed again in Canada

Kaithon Natera once again demonstrated the resources he has when it comes to leading a cigar racer by winning the Shirley Vago Handicap with Mine Me at Century Mile Racecourse in Canada.

The native had a stellar campaign at the same oval in the 2019 season, taking 36 wins in 240 commitments, with impressive second- and third-place numbers as well, with 37 and 36 finishes, respectively.

After completing that fruitful campaign, he had to return to renew his immigrant status, but an epidemic prevented him from returning to the north of the continent, so he had a short engagement at La Rinconada, where he was suspended due to behavioral problems. Meanwhile, family situations took him off course.

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Now in this new phase he has passed the long whip, with his cards in order, 9 times this season with a win, this one with a selective signal, also in the few commitments he has completed, he has 4 thirds.

Natera has adapted very well to Canadian horse racing, so his numbers should continue to increase, for the benefit of owners, bettors and himself as a professional, so he will certainly continue to deliver the good news.

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