Ventrell confirmed that an update to Engel’s roster will be released in July

July will be the month when Engel’s list update will be announced, ChargĂ© d’Affairs at the US Embassy in El Salvador, Patrick Ventrell, said yesterday.

The diplomat did not detail the names of potential people who would be on the list, but reiterated that the US authorities have worked “hard with our lawyers to be able to make these decisions” and in the face of that “there are the people who will lose their visas due to corrupt acts or acts against democracy.”

“We’ve updated this list from time to time. I expect the next list, the annual list, to be released in July or mid-July or so, and we’ll continue to update when it’s relevant to Congress,” Ventrell said at a press conference yesterday.

Meanwhile, regarding the current diplomatic relations between El Salvador and the United States, the official said they are looking for appropriate “channels of communication”, although he acknowledged “there is a difference of perspective” at the moment.

“Obviously we have had complications in our bilateral relations, but we have always tried to maintain bridges of communication. We have seen Chancellor (Alexandra Hill) many times in Washington. I speak frequently with Ambassador (Melina) Mayorga in Washington,” Ventrell said.

In the diplomat’s opinion, there are many common interests, given that “what is happening in El Salvador is very important to the United States and vice versa,” which explains the efforts being made.

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