Matilda, the Musical: 5 Key Facts About the New Edition of the Children’s Classic

Let’s start with accuracy. Although it is the film directed by Danny DeVito that many of us associate with the image matilda, The remake that came to Netflix this Christmas It is based on a musical that premiered in 2010 in the UK and that it was so successful that it did not leave the British Billboard for 12 years.

The story of a bright little girl with telekinetic powers Despised by her family, she manages to maintain herself over time largely due to a plot in which intelligence has a reward. And the musical genre allows salute him Of greater proportions to this extraordinary mind and heart.

In order to adapt the theatrical release to the cinema, the production took an unusual step and He brought the same director who brought the musical to British theatres: West End veteran Matthew Warchus.

“When they turn a musical into a movie, they don’t name the person who directed it in the theater, because for adaptations it’s necessary to leave many things aside, you have to see the story in a whole new way. But 12 years after the premiere, I had time to reimagine the story, let go of the things I loved and even betray the things I had believed so passionately in the beginning.Warchus explained to the press during the film’s premiere in London.

Musical Matilda

And who are familiar with music and Roald Dahl original storyYou will notice some of those changes made in favor of modernity. They completely wipe out Michael, Matilda’s brother, and W.J A song like “Telly” that was well received in the original premiere.

In exchange for those cuts, he was allowed to evolve Plus the story and motives of Matildanow performed by Alisha Weir, on “Naughty,” sings some of the most representative verses from this version: “Just because you find out that life is unfair doesn’t mean you have to smile and put up with it. Even if you’re young, you can do a lot. They tell us we have to do what they tell us, but sometimes we have to be a little disobedient.”

In addition to premiering on the popular streaming platform, The film had a brief stint in cinemas in England and the United States. Many of her scenes have gone viral on the networks, such as the one starring Hortensia, Matilda’s fellow red-hat, in which she dances. “Brass babies” have become a TikTok trend.

There are scenes he delivers It has already been mentioned as a favorite of his and they hope it will be well received by the public. But if you still can’t convince yourself to put this movie on your to-watch list, here are 5 things you should know before you get started.

As we explained at the beginning of this note, this version of Matilda Different from the 1996 movie. In fact, the director of the movie thinks they are the same “More distant cousins ​​than twins”, However, he hopes that the two productions as well as the writers will go hand in hand with one another in one way or another.

When dealing with this version of the musical adaptation, the soundtrack will be very important. Although the play consists of two actors 13 songs each. The Netflix movie will contain 14 of these musical numbers. between them, “My Home” and “When I Grow Up”.

We recommend you listen to the soundtrack before watching the movie, Although, for sure, after seeing it, you will look for it in your favorite player.

The director of the film believes that part of the success Matilda is associated with His ability to create an environment without conventions is that there is a world for children and another for adults. For this reason, when he performed the musical on stage, as part of rehearsals, he had the children and adults in the cast play.

He realized that adults do not play differently from children, they play with the same fear and urgency as a minor. “A lot of people go into the Matilda story because of how broad it is in terms of age, it’s like a gift, and I hope that’s the case when they see the movie,” Warchus said. So this version has no age, They can see it as a family, both adults and children.

The Netflix movie has many new features, but there are also scenes from the 1996 movie that will make you travel back in time, though with a different twist, of course.

For example, moment Bruce, one of Matilda’s classmates, is obligated by Tronchatoro Eating the cake is one of the most anticipated moments in the musical version. The song, of course, is called “Bruce”.

The iconic scene of Matilda with Bruce (Photo Netflix)
The iconic scene of Matilda with Bruce (Photo Netflix)Netflix – DEA02625

In this new version of the classic version, British actress Lashana Lynch will play Miss Honey. He is currently one of the most popular young talents in England.

In 2022, she was named Best Rising Star at the BAFTAs thanks to her work in the BAFTAs The King’s Woman s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

    Lashana Lynch Is The New Miss Honey (Video Shoot)
Lashana Lynch Is The New Miss Honey (Video Shoot)

which will be a revelation to many It’s the voice of the actress. Emma Thompson and Alisha Weir often highlight her in interviews as the best singer in the cast.

Another character that will attract attention in this version is the character that plays the role of Oscar winner Emma Thompson, who took on the role of tronchaturothe evil headmaster of Matilda’s School.


Emma turned into a tronchaturo

To be a tronchaturo, it was Thompson Help 6 people to create a character design. They can’t stand it 4 hours of suit Because they would be working with a crew of mainly kids and spending that much time on makeup was impossible, so they cut down the shift to two hours of paint applied with Veins, mustache and wrinkles. In this way, we were able not to lose Emma’s face or her gestures after the characterization, and the actress said in this regard: “It is the details of the wardrobe and make-up that make the character.”

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