Niagara Falls freezes due to the cold wave (video)

cause low temperaturesFreezing storms in the United States s Canada which left more than 50 people dead, flights canceled and roads completely covered in snow, also affected the Niagara FallsIt also appears partially frozen.

Through social networks, many netizens have shared videos and photos showing how temperatures have modified this nature reserve.

According to CBS, part of Niagara Falls Partially frozen as a result of a winter storm.

This phenomenon has occurred only six times in recent history (1848, 1911, 1912, 1917, 2014, and 2015).

Some of the tourists who came to the place had the opportunity to see this marvel with their own eyes, and they also found trees, mountains, and all kinds of landscapes covered with snow.

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Last Tuesday, The New Yorker’s Cathy Hochul reported that several roads in the hardest-hit region had reopened, as well as border crossings with Canada.

In this way, they continue to work to reopen the remaining roads in Erie County, where Buffalo is located, and which has the highest number of deaths in the entire country. Bodies are found in cars, homes and streets.

In addition, Erie County Official Mark Polonkarz said the National Guard will go door-to-door in areas that have lost electricity to make sure residents are safe.

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