Early grads outraged: There are more than 3,000 enrolled in the medical profession

Daniel Hoyos, dean of UNSa, told Profession FM that the leveling exam is “very difficult,” so they have no prediction of the number of participants.

The National University of Salta (UNSa) celebrated its first fourteen graduates in medicine, despite the fact that they belong to the National University of Tucuman (UNT), which the university’s rector, Daniel Hoyos, was “very happy” because of which “a long road” had begun to end.

for FM is a professionalThe Hoyos confirmed that they would bring the NUC dean to hand over the titles, assuming their ranking would be within six years, since the first “special” students entered only a year earlier.

The rector also confirmed that registration for the 2023 school session is open until mid-January, however, there are already more than three thousand registered in the race. but, in any case, he maintained that they had no expectations of the number of those who would attend, considering that they would have to undergo an introductory subject.

In this sense, Hoyos indicated that this subject is hypothetical, starting in February, and must be taken by all entrants, although he explained that it is linked to all subjects corresponding to the first-year curriculum, so it is “very difficult.” Because they aim to maintain an “important reference level”.

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