Macron changed the color of the French flag

Now that the news has spread, everyone realizes that yes, it has happened: The French flag that has appeared for a year at official events has changed. darker blue;

The decision to change the color of the French flag was made before President of the Republic On July 13, 2020, Europe1 radio revealed, citing the book by Eliot Blondette and Paul Larruto. Elysee secret, was published in September. According to this medium, the President followed the suggestion of two Elysee Palace advisors

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The tone chosen is navy blue, a nod to the navy, but above all a political message. It is a return to the color of the flag of 1793, during the second year of the Convention, that is, the French Revolution.

The abandonment of dark blue occurred in 1976 during the presidency of ValĂ©ry Giscard d’Estaing. At that time, the head of state decided to lighten the blue color of the pair to come closer to what appears on the European Union flag.

Former President Francois Hollande next to the flags of France and the European Union. Since Giscard d’Estaing, the blue color of the French flag has been lightened.

“I changed the color of the blue flag for aesthetic reasons as I approached Europe. The flag that all the presidents carried since then was not the real French flag,” says Arnaud Juliens, director of operations at the Elysee and promoter of the return to the original colour.

From the presidential environment, they advocate dark blue as more elegant and swear it is not a matter of distancing themselves from the European Union a few weeks after France took over the bloc’s presidency.

flag of France
flag of France

The Elysee Palace at the time avoided mentioning the change, perhaps because touching the symbols of the Republic is always sensitive.

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