Luke Evans returns to music in a duet with Nicole Kidman

After the success of his 2019 debut, “At Last,” actor, singer-songwriter Luke Evans is back on the music scene with his new album, “A Song For You,” which goes on sale November 4 even from BMG.

The album’s first advance is the irresistible theme of “Horizons Blue,” a theme written by the actor himself, who has starred in blockbuster productions such as “Fast and Furious.”, “The Hobbit” in collaboration with acclaimed songwriter Amy Wedge (Ed Sheeran, Jesse Weir). Accompanied by its own official video, this song captures the essence of the lyrics focusing on hope wrapped in simple acoustic guitar and the gentleness of the strings.

I wrote it in Florida, during quarantine, while the sun was shining over the Atlantic. I was sitting on the beach and the horizon was as blue as the sea. You cannot see the difference between the two. Then three hours later I zoomed in with Amy in Pontypride and we finished the demo in two hours. This is really cool to me because I’ve never written before. I knew I could do this, I just needed to be guided. Actor Luke Evans commented upon the release of his new album, Who better to do it than Amy Wadge?

A Song For You takes its title from Donny Hathaway which is one of Evans’ lifelong favorites and opens the 14-song selection. They are all played with its superior content, orchestral backing from the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, and superb vocal support from the world-famous Trierchy men’s choir.

What is the proper presentation of Luke Evans?

The album established four songs that speak of his talent and the respect his colleagues have for him: the two songs he wrote with Amy Wedge, and an excellent duet, with Nicole Kidman on “Say Something” and with Charlotte. Church in “Come Mai”.

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His collaboration with Nicole Kidman came after the actors met while filming the Hulu mini-series “Nine Perfect Strangers” in Australia.. They spent five months in business together, bonding with Kidman’s husband, Keith Urban, in their shared love of music.

As for the duet with Charlotte Church on the song “Come What May”, from “Moulin Rouge!” Luke has known the singer since he was 10, and they were engaged as a voice teacher early in their careers.

The Welshman is in great demand as an actor, both in the UK and internationally. From cinematic thrillers to prestigious television dramas, from classic animations for the big screen to police action on the small screen, from action to comedy and thrillers in films such as “The Hobbit”, “The Stranger”, “Fast and Furious 6”, “Dracula Untold” and “Beauty and the Beast”.

Evans concludes, “I feel really fortunate as a singer, my first love, to do it again, and to sing these magical songs on an album that I will have all my life. I want everyone to share in that joy too.”

These are the new songs for “A Song For You” by Luke Evans

1. A song for you
2. You lift me up
3. Blue horizons
4. Bridge over troubled water
5. Say Something (featuring Nicole Kidman)
6. My way
7- Over the rainbow
8. Kallon Lan
9. I can’t make you love me
10. Come What May (featuring Charlotte Church)
11. Busy breaks you down
12. Everyone hurts
13. Last Christmas
14. Silent Night

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