Netflix ‘Secret’ Codes That Can Help You Find ‘Hidden’ TV Shows and Movies

Thanks to streaming platforms like NetflixAmazon Prime, Disney+ and Now TV, we’ve had a choice in terms of TV series and movies in recent years.

Netflix is ​​still the most popular in the UK and provides a hub for our favorite TV shows and movies, with new original shows and movies being released all the time.

But with so much content on its streaming platform, it can often be difficult to choose something new to watch.

Sometimes we disable all options, but someone online shared a simple tip that can save you time when choosing a movie or show.

How to Find ‘Secret’ Shows on Netflix

A Reddit user has shared secret codes in a guide that allow you to quickly narrow down your search for Netflix.

All you have to do is figure out what kind of show you want to watch.

When you type the Netflix URL into your web browser, select the icon from the list below and add it to the URL, such as, which will take you to various movies or TV shows. Only in this particular genre.

Codes can lead to very specific areas, for example, instead of searching for action movies, you can limit them to just comedies and superheroes (10118) or just martial arts movies (8985).

Or if you’re only interested in watching the short series, you can type 4814, and for classic TV shows, you can type 46553 to get the selection.

You can find the packing list at reddit It has received over 140 upvotes and has over 13,000 comments.

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