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How does it help us as a society?

The search for a good quality of life and well-being has been continuous and innate in humans. Even today, hedonism puts forward the search for pleasure versus the rejection of pain, where happiness is centered on the logic of classical philosophy. Seneca said so Happiness is one of the main goals of man, however, he argued that people are blind to what makes them happy and that the more they pursue it, the more they are pushed away.

In classic nineteenth century economics, happiness is spoken of as an expression of Eating and restingAlthough economics is not the basis for quality of life and well-being, it is an important point to achieve part of these. This tireless act of seeking well-being by the people who make up the society has served as a guide for determining the social policies of the country in this regard. The two questions that are important to me are: What does quality of life and well-being mean for people? Do social policy strategies really aim to meet these needs? We will know this answer only if we ourselves are clear about what each of these terms means. Quality of life and luxury.

The World Health Organization defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease”. This definition indicates that each individual is responsible for his quality of life and well-being, leaving more responsibility to the person’s side and less responsibility to state structures. Mayan concept With regard to health, it states: “Health articulates the physical, mental, spiritual and social elements, from an individual and collective point of view, and includes political, economic, social and cultural aspects. To promote health and prevent disease, the indigenous community seeks to restore and maintain its internal and external balance, including That harmony between sick members of society and the world around them.Which of these two concepts is more complete?Which of the two shows that the quality of human life and well-being depends on multiple factors? quality of life It has objective and personal content.

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Objective components are those that can be measured such as: economic production rates, literacy levels, life expectancy and human development index, which have their advantages in terms of standardized information and are a potential means of “improving the quality of life”. While the subjective components will be based on: surveys or interviews, self-reports of satisfaction, well-being, happiness, and others. Levels of significance vary, the role of cultural norms, mental illness, and disability, among others.

Now, the combination of the two would lead to a good quality of life and well-being. If we take a look at the reality of our society, we will realize that 80% of the population lives in poverty and extreme poverty, where there is a matrix of basic needs such as: food, maintenance, health, the need to feel safe and protected, with work and housing the need for emotional development, acceptance, affection and recognition Trust, respect and potential development do not exist Can we say that we are a society that promotes quality of life and well-being? Are we a resilient society? Or did we adapt because of the distribution of poverty and the lack of opportunities? Why should governments prioritize well-being and quality of life, ensure an economy that allows the harmonious development of society, and implement what is known as Fresh economics They are strategies that incorporate a series of steps which are necessary to create the desired economic order for social welfare.

Between the steps, a series of criteria are drawn up based on the tools of economics to achieve the objectives. Among these steps or criteria we can highlight the following: the provision of public social goods and services, the state’s responsibility to maintain minimum living conditions, the state’s intervention in promoting full employment, achieving a fair and efficient allocation of resources, and the redistribution of wealth and income for the country to achieve A more equal society. In addition, people not only need to live with basic needs covered, but we also need the social and spiritual capital to be able to realize well-being. Now it is up to each of us to think, in this society, am I from a position of strength or weakness? What contribution do I make from the workspace and social relations to enhance the well-being and quality of life in my community?

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A society that enjoys quality of life and well-being is one that progresses, builds, and becomes stronger.

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