Louis Majol says that Nicolas Bosse suffers from the same disease as Bruce Willis

After confirming this, his partner Pablo Rossi asked him what he meant, and the driver replied: “It's important, because you're not just replacing the chief of staff… A source very close to Posey told me, 'Posey has aphasia, he just discovered it.' It's not noticeable, and in some people it's even noticeable.” Others cannot be observed. NoteHe mentioned. Then he gave the definition of “aphasia”: “Loss or disturbance of the ability to speak, as a result of a defect in the language areas of the cerebral cortex.”.

What is aphasia, the disorder that Bruce Willis suffers from?

the Primary progressive aphasia It kind of is Frontotemporal dementiaThis is a disease that was diagnosed in a famous Hollywood actor. In this sense, frontotemporal dementia is A group of neurodegenerative syndromes that share poor performance and focal atrophy in the frontal and temporal lobes..

Symptoms include: problems with speech and language

Some subtypes of frontotemporal dementia cause language problems, weakness or loss of speech. Primary progressive aphasia, semantic dementia, and progressive (nonfluent) agrammatic aphasia are considered frontotemporal dementia.

Problems caused by these conditions include:

  • Increased difficulty using and understanding written and spoken language, such as difficulty finding the right word to use in speech or naming things.
  • Difficulty naming things, and perhaps replacing a specific word with a more general word, such as “it” instead of “pen.”
  • He no longer knew the meaning of words.
  • Stop talking that might sound telegraphic.
  • Making mistakes in sentence construction.


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