“Respect for sovereignty and non-interference in internal affairs” – Article 66

Deputy dictator of Nicaragua and official spokesman for the government Rosario Murillo She announced that her government had agreed to appoint a new Canadian ambassador to Nicaragua, but, knowing that the Canadian government had condemned the Ortega Murillo dictatorship and imposed sanctions on its officials, the First Lady warned that they would work to respect and disrespect the sovereignty of nations. – Interference in its internal affairs.

In his daily appearances on Sandinista propaganda media, Murillo said that the new ambassador, Luana Sahas Martin, had received approval to represent “her people and her government as ambassador in this blessed Nicaragua.”

The new Canadian diplomatic representative will perform her duties concurrently, and will be based in Costa Rica. Canada does not have an embassy in Nicaragua but maintains an office that serves its citizens and foreigners traveling to that country.

The Government of Canada has been aggressive in condemning the authoritarian drift of the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo in international forums such as the Organization of American States (OAS), where it joined all resolutions condemning the dictatorship, and at the United Nations. The United Nations, where it did the same.

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In its attempt to support the re-establishment of democracy in the Central American country, Canada imposed individual and specific sanctions on at least 35 regime officials, including Rorio Murillo herself, her daughter Camila Ortega Murillo, senior military and police officers, as well as judges of the judicial and electoral branches and a number of… Ministers. They are all accused of contributing to the suppression and suppression of democracy.

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The Canadian government has imposed sanctions on 35 officials of the Nicaraguan dictatorship, including Rosario Murillo and her daughter Camila Ortega.

Anticipating this, the sanctioned Vice President of Nicaragua warned Canada's new ambassador and her government that they would work “for the respect that we all deserve, in everything, respect for the sovereignty of peoples and nations.” He added: “We will work to strengthen diplomatic relations on the basis of fundamental and irreplaceable respect, and not Interference in internal affairs.

Canada's new representative in Nicaragua, holds a master's degree in international affairs, degrees in languages, and political science, and was director of research and knowledge at the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs, director of relations with Central America and the Caribbean, international strategy and relations with donor countries.

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On the official website of Canada Office in Nicaraguathe diplomatic mission specifies that since 1961, that North American country has been represented in Nicaragua by Embassy of Canada in Costa Rica And an office in Managua.

They manage a development cooperation program with Nicaragua and provide full consular services to Canadians. For its part, Nicaragua maintains an embassy in Ottawa.

Likewise, they report that “since 2019, Canada has imposed sanctions on a total of 35 individuals associated with the Ortega regime under a regulation of special economic measures applied to Nicaragua.”

“Canada calls for a peaceful solution that includes the resumption of political dialogue, the implementation of democratic reforms, respect for human rights and the immediate release of political prisoners. Canada continues its work through bilateral and multilateral channels to reach a lasting solution,” the diplomatic mission says.

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