López Obrador described the election of the bank’s president as “unfortunate”.

president of mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obradordescribed Monday as “unfortunate” Brazilian economist Ilan Goldfein appointed President of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). under the gaze of AMLO,”It’s more of the sameWhere those who vote agree with the United States and a candidate is chosen.

“It is unfortunate that this continues to happen. There are no changes“, pointed out Lopez Obrador In his daily morning conference, this Sunday after Goldfajn fis set at 80% From the votes of the partners of the Islamic Development Bank, according to information from Agence France-Presse.

Islamic Development Bank: The Argentine government votes for the candidate of Brazil and reserves two main places

What we want to show Is there no change in the election of the director of the Islamic Development Bank. The Morena leader who lamented that the election of Goldfan would mean the defeat of the Mexican candidate, said Gerardo Esquivelan economist working today as lieutenant governor The central bank of your country.

“He is a member of the ultra-conservative economic-financial group F Especially for the neoliberal policy promoted by the US government. There is no hope for the people of Latin America and the Caribbean,” he said, referring to the Organization of American States International Monetary Fund.

The voting power to elect the President of the Islamic Development Bank varies accordingly The number of shares per country. The three most important contributors are United States (30% of the capital), Brazil and Argentina (11.4% each).

Ilan Goldfein, New President of the Islamic Development Bank: Former Director of the Central Bank of Brazil and known to Argentina at the International Monetary Fund

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To elect the President of the Islamic Development Bank, the candidate must be elected by a majority vote of the 48 member states of the Bank, As well as the support of no less than 15 of the 28 member states Regional, 26 borrowing member countries, plus Canada and the United States.

Candidates who faced Goldfajn are: Gerardo Esquivel (Mexico), Nicola Isaguerre (Chili pepper), Gerard Johnson (Trinidad and Tobago) and Argentina Cecilia Todesca BuccooDeputy Minister of International Economic Relations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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