Self-assessment of doctors’ competencies

Health Consultant Luzan 5 has developed a self-assessment test that allows them to guide the training of physicians.

Health consulting company Luzan 5 has developed a self-assessment test for physicians that analyzes their competencies. Doctor talent test is an online tool that allows clinicians to identify their strengths and areas for improvement In order to plan your training in a personalized way.

The Clinicians Talent Test independently and progressively assesses each component of defined competencies: knowledge, through objective multiple-choice questions, and skills and attitudes through self-assessment scenarios. The result is a confidential, personalized report that shows the clinician’s strengths and areas for improvement. Based on them, the system is made Individual recommendations for the most appropriate training To guide their professional future and thus improve their professional level in an integrated manner.

The tool consists of a file the general part of the terms of reference, Common to all doctors and other specific specializations. To develop the section on each medical specialty, Lausanne 5 contacted the main scientific societies in Spain. The Spanish Society of Endocrinology and Nutrition (SEEN) was the first to include this innovation in its training plan and will offer it to its physicians in the first quarter of 2023 as a service of high differential value focused on facilitating world-class improvement. Professional level of specialization

For Javier Escalada, Head of SEEN, “This tool will allow us to obtain information aggregated from the individual assessments of our partners as a source of information on the level of competence of our discipline. Through this, we will identify global strengths and areas for improvement, with the aim of proposing strategic training plans in a structured and coherent manner.”

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Personal report and aggregated data for the scientific community

At the end of the online test, the doctor receives a personal and confidential report. The tool can save a history of previously performed tests so that the user can compare their development.

Data collected in an aggregated and discrete manner are also combined with those of other assessments, and analyzed in order to identify global trends for the group of physicians in a particular specialty. The findings of each clinician within a scientific community will help guide their offer of training, adjusting it to the requirements of all specialists. For this, the tool will be constantly updated.

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