Neither France nor the United Kingdom sends aid to migrants who drowned in a shipwreck in the Strait of Calais in 2021.

Neither France nor the United Kingdom sent rescue units of the migrant boat that sank in November 2021 in the English Channel, A tragedy that claimed the lives of about thirty peopleAnd the French newspaper confirms this Monday the scientist.

The French newspaper revealed talks between the Regional Monitoring and Rescue Operations Center (CROSE) located in Calais, the Emergency Medical Aid Service (SAMU) and the damaged ship at sea. According to these records, The first call is made at 1:48 am.when a passenger explains in English that the 33 people on board a ship are ‘broken’, Fanny R, the operator of the Cross, will ask them to send their geo-location through messaging app WhatsApp, which arrives at 2:05 p.m.

Seeing that boat It was 0.6 nautical miles from British watersthe operator contacted the relief services of that country, in the city of Dover.

The Cross calls Dover again at 2:28 am and although calls are still being received, He considers that they are no longer his responsibility because they are “in English waters.” It refers them to the British emergency number 999.

More than 15 calls

Between 2:43 a.m. and 4:22 a.m., Cross receives at least fifteen calls from passengers, counts. the scientistin one of which they report that they are literally “in the water”.

Yes, but you are in English waters.answered the operator, who, once the call had been cut off, was overheard commenting “If I don’t get you, you won’t be rescued. You have your feet in the water well… I didn’t ask you to leave.”

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At 4:16 a.m., Cross had a 17-minute conversation with one of the wreck’s passengers, who asked for their help. “They’re in the water, inside, it’s cold,” he explains. The conversation was interrupted after the immigrant claimed to have seen a “big ship”.

At that time was the ship musical party Cross tells that they saw a stopped boat, but the center tells them to continue on their way because a French patrolman, Red-hotHe goes to the place.

At 4:23 a.m., it was Red-hot He warns that one of the English patrolmen the brave He is also in the area and is heading towards a boat, not knowing for sure if he is the one in danger.

According to the night’s summary schedule, he explains the scientistConversations are interrupted with arrival in an area the brave And shortly after five in the morning, The facts are closed under the mention of the “Savior”.Although the investigating gendarmes confirmed that the two ships did not see the wreck.

At 1:49 pm the same day, Cross would receive a call from a French fishing boat, warning of bodies in the water.

As explained by Le Monde Clement G, President of the Guard of the Cross, on November 24, 2021, it was announced as ‘Great night for immigrants’ where “the number of contacts has multiplied by ten”, forcing them to prioritize.

Chief Operations Officer Nicholas H. , that the cross has two sea means and one air way, sometimes 30 to 50 boats in the water, so it is clearly not enough.

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France and the United Kingdom signed a new agreement in Paris on Monday to strengthen their cooperation in order to try to stop irregular migration from French to British coasts.

The agreement signed by the heads of the interior in both countries, Gerald Darmanin and Soila Braverman, is an extension and expansion previous agreementproviding more patrols, providing more technical means and fighting the mafias that transport people across the English Channel.

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