Legendary Edition hopes to transform the game’s controversial ending experience

The end of Mass Effect 3 is still in the pipeline; From Bioware believes the new treatment brings a new perspective.

Just landed Legendary version of Mass Effect, Compilation of the adventures of Shepherd. And as such, a way to revive one Beloved RPG saga in recent years. Or, that you enjoy it for the first time if you don’t do it on their day. Although there are many Improvements, changes and additions, There are also other aspects that remain. In contention is Controversial ending with a brooch in Mass Effect 3. Remodel managers have talked about it, but beware, as it can be seen as a spoiler.

The end of Mass Effect 3 bothered society for its simplicityMac Walters, the project manager, talked about Shepherd’s Epilogue On Interview With CNET. As you might remember, the finale angered fans of the series, who asked Bioware to put an extended ending to clarify details about what happened in the final decision; This version is kept in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Creative Design suggests, however, that “players are free to make their own decisions,” because the ending has not changed.

But like this Extended Cut It’s now part of the experience, and playing the trilogy from start to finish will make players see it differently now. Character designer Kevin Meek He also gives his point of view, noting that “playing with it as a complete trilogy and treating it as one giant arc, rather than three arcs, goes a long way toward changing people’s experiences.”

The content added more scenes and episodes for the characters involved, as well as more dialogue options for Better context, although it didn’t satisfy audiences either. This conclusion still weighs on many, though many years have passed. However, it does not blur the outcome of the whole as we tell you nuestro análisis de Mass Effect Legendary Edition. It’s also imperative that you be an eye on the following Mass Effect 4.

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