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The second round of the American Formula 4 Championship held on Road América was a tough test for Lyon driver Arturo Flores.

Team Gonella Racing member also struggled to adapt to the track and was in the shadow of fellow Canadian Mac Clark, who was the biggest winner in this three-round history.

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In the first race, Flores rose to 20th, 22,148 seconds behind Clark. The podium was completed by North American Matt Christensen and Nico Christodoulou native maple leaf, to score 0.870 and 3.073 seconds off the lead, respectively.

For the second round, “Artie” Flores got a slight improvement, and managed to regain some places in the middle of the start, but the nineteenth place was not enough to reach the points area. Guanajuato stayed behind Clark 28,573 seconds, who for his part took 1,823 seconds from Noel Lyon in Monterrey and 2,211 from Cristodolo.

Finally, in the agreed third race over 13 laps, Arturo climbed to the 16th box, snipping the sentence line 39,645 seconds behind checkered flag winner Nico Cristodolo. Christensen and Clark finished second and third in a test that included up to six retirees, one of them from North America Jason Alder, who entered this round as captain of the tournament.

The third date of the series will take place from June 25-27 at the Mid-Ohio Traditional Circuit.

History 2 (America’s Road) final results

Carrera 1
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1 Mac Clark (box) 28: 25.9
2 Matt Christensen (EUA) 0.87
3 Nico Christodoulou (Canada) 3.073
20 Arturo Flores (Mexico) 22.148
Carrera 2
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1 Mac Clark (box) 31: 45.1
2 Noel Leon (Mexico) 1.823
3 Nico Christodoulou (Canada) 2.211
19 arturo Flores (Mexico) 28.573
Carrera 3
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1 Nico Christodoulou (Canada) 31: 56.7
2 Matt Christensen (EUA) 2.217
3 Mac Clark (box) 3.554
16 arturo Flores (Mexico) 39.645
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