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Juarez city. – From within her home, in Toronto, Canada, Alma Arzat of Juarez has recorded Spanish-language courses for the digital platform LinkedIn Learning, a Microsoft social network dedicated to online training for professionals and businesses, making her the first woman to teach about global supply chain management.

“When I started taking courses on LinkedIn years ago, I never would have imagined that I would one day produce my own courses, and even more so as the first woman to create content related to supply chain and logistics for her Spanish language library, such as as well as being the first creator Spanish-language content in Canada,” Alma said.

LinkedIn is a platform that emerged in 2003 with the aim of connecting people looking for business synergies and new professional or business opportunities, it has 575 million users, 260 million of whom are active, of whom 40 percent use the social network daily; Additionally, its courses are available in seven different languages ​​and can be seen by over 28 million users with a Spanish speaking profile.

Alma graduated in the 1990s with a BBA at ITCJ and also completed an MBA at UACJ, which prepared her to lead supply chains for companies such as Emerson Electric, General Motors, Johnson & Johnson, and Apotex Inc, where he currently leads a team of 150 professionals.

In 2019, Alma was selected by Supply Chain Canada as part of its list of the 100 Most Powerful Women in the Canadian Supply Chain. His personal and professional story was featured on the cover of the October 2019 issue of Supply Professional magazine. In 2021, Alma was named by IBM and Supply Chain Digital magazine as part of the 100 Most Distinguished Women,” according to her LinkedIn profile.

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The social network team for professionals and businesses contacted Alma earlier this year, and after months of working from inside her home, she created two workshops: “Logistics Fundamentals: Understanding Logistics (Basic Level)” and “Logistics Fundamentals: Logistics Management (Middle Level)” , which can be consulted at the links https://lnkd.in/gnWgURcz and https://lnkd.in/gg8Zq2im

The LinkedIn global team has helped Alma make the courses a reality, together they make it possible for everything to happen in a virtual environment, from homes in Canada, Spain, Austria, Ecuador and Italy, to setting up a recording studio in Alma’s home, for what they have. To ship and install production equipment from California, USA to Toronto and back.

Alma, who had to split her time between her job as senior manager of global logistics at Apotex Inc, her family — with whom she immigrated to Canada in 2007 — and moments between nights and weekends to develop, practice and record all the content.

In addition to her work outside Mexico, Alma continues to work for Ciudad Juárez: she is the general coordinator of the Fuerza Liebre Civic Association, made up of ITCJ alumni, which voluntarily raises funds for the educational institution and students of low resources, with the aim of supporting the careers of this frontier.

Your workshops

• Basics of Logistics: Understanding Logistics (Basic Level)

• Basics of Logistics: Logistics Management (Intermediate Level)

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