Joe Biden expects a debt ceiling agreement before the end of the day

US President Joe Biden said he was “optimistic” about reaching a deal to avoid defaulting on his debt.

tensions between Republicans And Democrats Assuming Parliament a debt ceiling. In this frame and after procedures Janet YellenMinister US Treasurythat extended to June 5th Deadline to raise Federal debt limit -Currently set on 31.4 billion US dollarsJoe Biden He made general statements about the prospects Avoid default.

The possibility of an agreement is very imminent And I’m an optimist. I hope we’ll know tonight if we’ll come to an agreement.” White House.

In this context , Biden He gave a tangible nod to The possibility of understanding between the American political coalitions So that the state is unable to fulfill its obligations and risks a shorteningthe consequences of which can subsequently unleash recession And job loss.

king Janet Yellen inform Republican leader Parliament , Kevin McCarthyBased on the latest available data, we now estimate that The treasury will not have sufficient resources to meet its obligations government if Congress does not raise or suspend the debt ceiling on June 5.

In addition, it increases international pressure To conclude an agreement enabling the United States government to extend its debt to refinance the obligations already undertaken. Managing Director of the company International Monetary Fund, Kristalina GeorgievaIn a press conference, Friday asked for a solution to be found “as soon as possible” and commented that “to conclude with a positive outcome is essential from the world’s point of view”.

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Meanwhile, in the parliamentary field, crossings between deputies continue. Democratic minority leader Hakeem JeffriesOn Thursday, he accused Republicans of taking risks.A serious shortcoming in a crisis they themselves createdHe took the economy hostage.

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