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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry They keep giving people something to talk about and this time it was not because of their statements but because of the alleged marital crisis They encounter something that would leave them on the brink of a Possible divorce.

Despite the fact that both of them appeared together in various events such as past award In which they attended, where they became embroiled in controversy after suffering from a persecution by paparazzi Upon their departure, their shared agendas diminish and they celebrate during their recent anniversary with May 19th They didn’t show any gesture of celebration, just drawing more attention.

She is now queen consort, Camilla Parker Who left in the midst of such gossip because if a divorce Between spouses can be enough affected.

The reason for Camilla Park’s fear of Harry and Megan’s divorce

The youngest son of Princess Diana and King Charles III He made it clear that the woman who came to replace his mother did not appeal to him in his book additional Where he was responsible for divulging the various secrets of his family and referred to her as “the other” which hindered his parents’ relationship.

Harry He decided to give up his degree within British monarchy After disagreeing with some of his experiences, not to mention the discrimination and harassment his wife was subjected to afterwards got married.

That’s why they both gave up their titles to make a new life in it Montecito, California, which will be left over if a Possible separation.

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Given the harsh comments that Harry About his family and stepmother in his autobiography, Barker feared that his return to the United Kingdom and the resumption of his posts would destabilize the country. Buckingham Palace.

British media says that Parker would prefer to keep him out of the way real house in order to continue on Plots and maneuvers In the palace without any kind of restrictions.

In addition, it ensures that the Royal family Already aware of the alleged problems that exist between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle They were offered two options in case they contemplated divorce, namely: exile in United State Or a divorce so the duke of sussex can go home with British crown.

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