This is how the artificial intelligence of LuzIA WhatsApp works

LuzIA Privacy Policy. (Getty Images)

The artificial intelligence that came The WhatsApp It has generated great questions regarding the use given to the information shared there. LightIAa chatbot that responds to users as soon as their contacts are in the app, sharing what key priorities they are given in terms of privacy policies Privacy.

according to policies Privacy to LightIA, applies only to your online activities and is valid for visitors to your website in relation to the information they share and/or collect in the application. This policy does not apply to any information collected offline or through channels other than the Website.

the Policy The Privacy Policy also describes how we process personal data and other information through the Application, by listing the types of information LightIA collects and how this information is used and sharing practices, as the artificial intelligence is the controller for the purposes of this Privacy Policy. By using the Site, the User already accepts the Privacy Policy and its Terms.

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Information collected by WhatsApp AI

Data collected by LuzIA, the artificial intelligence for WhatsApp. (Canva/WhatsApp)

Personal information requested from user The reasons for doing so will be explained to you at that time.

– If the User makes a direct contact with the Platform, you can receive additional information about it, such as name, email address, phone number, the content of the message and/or attached files being sent, and any other information you choose to provide.

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– When a user registers an account, they may be prompted Information Contact information, such as name, company name, address, email address, and phone number.

– The company automatically groups the following types of Information when using the app: pages and files accessed; access time; browser version; operating system; Device identification of previously visited pages (if the user is accessing the application through a link); IP address application information; mobile device information; session ID; and cookies.

It also collects any information submitted through a post conversation in the application. This chat functionality uses some automated processes to evaluate how best to support user requests. Conversations will be encrypted with a double encryption process. They can save a snippet of the conversation to personalize future interactions.

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Use the information:

To provide and improve the application

To monitor interactions with your emails

to conduct surveys

to protect your interests or those of third parties;

to maintain and improve the security of your application;

To provide you with the service you have requested

To prevent misuse of the application

To comply with your legal obligations

to communicate with the user

For analytics and advertising purposes

To perform or enforce your agreements

to implement contracts

To distribute the load and improve the application

To provide customer support in relation to its products

For any other purpose with the consent of the user.

WhatsApp AI translates voice (Luzia)

They are not responsible for the practices Privacy from any platform, website or to request which is not controlled by the company. Likewise, the use of the application is prohibited in those regions where any of its providers are prohibited. Its main suppliers are Goal And Open AI.

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Stores Information for the time necessary to comply with its contractual or legal obligations or any other permitted purpose for which it was collected, including preventing fraud or accidents protection. When the relevant retention period expires, they take steps to permanently delete, aggregate, or anonymize the information.

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