job opportunity! Canada offers Mexicans work for a wage of 36,000 pesos a month

The National Employment Service stated that Canada He’s looking for Mexicans who want to work in a seafood processing plant in that North American country for 36,000 pesos a month.

According to what is mentioned in the Employment Portal of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, there are 29 places for this position that do not require the minimum requirements for study, although priority will be given to those with basic English.

In this job, you will have to cut, clean and prepare fish or shellfish for later packing, as well as participate in packaging tasks. The 29 shortlisted will also perform repetitive tasks in which they will have to stand for several hours, so it is required that applicants have hand-eye coordination, good physical condition and a taste for work.

Recruitment will begin on April 12, 2021 in Richipocto, New Brunswick and there will be five months in which those selected will be selected to work in this field; 40 to 65 hours will work per week.

If you need more information about this vacancy, you can enter the employment portal or call 800 841 2020 where you can request additional information about a job offer.

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