It was one of the most beloved Pokemon games, but it’s never coming back and it’s the players’ fault: This is how society condemned Pokémon Stadium to disappear forever – Nintendo Switch

Pokémon Showdown is a fan-made game that Nintendo never wanted to take on.

with the The return of Pokemon Stadium Thanks to Nintendo Switch Online, we all remembered what it is One of the most interesting games in the history of this acclaimed franchise Collectible monsters. A very intense video game that steers away from the adventure experience to get straight to the point and focus on combat. Overcome the challenges of AI-powered trainers and sweat the fat drop in battles with a devilish difficulty unlike what the mainline games usually offer us.

The title was a success and became the first batch of One of the strongest alternative epics of the franchise. The Kanto games contained the now-remembered Pokémon playground and soon there was a direct sequel adding the new creatures that arrived juhto which was also released on the Nintendo 64. We even had Pokémon Battle Revolution which, without being a direct sequel, made a similar proposition. but, It’s been 17 years since the last time a Pokémon game with these features was released.. This is due to many factors, although you might be surprised to learn that a lot of the blame rests with society.

The new Pokemon Stadium doesn’t make sense

Although at the time no excuses were needed to launch new games in the franchise, Stadium Saga was born with two main ideas. On the other hand, I was trying to file a The most exciting fighting method. It was the only way to see Pokemon in a 3D video game and it had details that are gone today from the franchise. For example, Blastoise used her cannons to attack, something that hasn’t happened in recent generations. In addition, it is designed to offer a competitive experience. Without going any further, the first world championship – the one in which Kneekro finished third – was held. Upgraded through the aforementioned Pokémon Stadium.

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This is where problems arise. out of budget or delivery times, Nothing stops Game Freak from having amazing battles like they want anymore. Going back to Blastoise itself, there is a detailed 3D model of this creature from generation six. It is not necessary to create a new video game in order to be able to power the Hydro Pump with its cannons or to look more realistic, but the mains connection can be used without problems. It is true that it is complicated to add many functions to a single address, however Here we are talking about a mere technical possibility.

This is how Blastoise attacks in the Pokémon Stadium

In addition, we have to take this into account Pokémon Saga adds more and more fighting mechanics. Hidden items and abilities are distributed Effort points and individual values They became pillars of battle. There wouldn’t be a good sequel to the epic Stadium or Battle Revolution that didn’t take into account all of these new mechanics. The problem is There really is a video game with these characteristicsis playable from the browser and is the only major exception we know of to Nintendo’s usual restrictive policies with fan creations.

Pokémon Stadium “died” because of the community

Since there are no new battle-focused shipments (Battle Revolution came out in 2006), the community took control of the situation and in 2011 published Pokemon encounter. It is a browser game with approximately 30,000 active users in the central hours of the day that defines itself as a combat simulation. she has More than 80 different formats From battles with random teams from the first generation to a game mode in which you can continue to use mega-evolutions and almost all the creatures in the saga, regardless of whether they are in the ninth generation or not.

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If we think of a new Pokemon Stadium, it most likely comes to mind. A video game similar to the one we met, but it extends thanks to the online features. I will try to attract casual players by suggesting battles with more interesting animations and somewhat more difficult challenges that are not impossible, but also those interested in competition. The problem is It is almost impossible to satisfy these two segments of the public at the same time. I tried Battle Revolution and it was the only thing that could happen: the most casual called it too competitive and the most competitive called it too casual.

Pokémon Showdown offers online battles in over 80 different formats and with fully customizable teams (including EVs, IVs, items, and abilities).

in this meaning, Pokémon Showdown is a positive force for those responsible for the franchise. Smogon, the Pokémon learning page responsible for creating and managing this web game, has kept competing players interested in the series by giving them something the Pokémon Company no longer offers. This is one of the main reasons why the page, which is of course not-for-profit, It was not closed even twelve years after it opened.

Create a new game that already includes More than a thousand species are available in the sagaThat this is the type in terms of animation or that it’s able to offer a fast and efficient customization system is an outrageous effort. And why would they do it if it isn’t easy to monetize it in the long run? The presence of Showdown makes the Pokémon Stadium unnecessary And that they can develop their efforts in things like Mysterious world also Arceus Legends. They’re titles that are much more commercial and adapt to the audience they’ve historically wanted to please with the brand.

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Main image: Illustration by Sirioden In order to encounter Pokemon

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