End of the mystery: The DNA results of the young woman who claimed to be Madeleine McCann were known

he The Madeleine McCann case It added a new chapter in the last hours. After all the debate that has been created about the appearance Julia Wendell And her testimony, in which she claimed to be the missing girl, Finally a DNA test was done. The results denied his account and concluded that his parents were right.

The disappearance of the British girl It still stands as one of the greatest mysteries of this century. material He disappeared during a family vacation in Portugal on May 3, 2007when he was not yet four years old.

from there, Investigations were launched by the authorities and private investigators from different European countries. Although hypotheses were formulated and various leads pursued, the victim of the case was never found. Along with the mystery that has grown up around her, all kinds of conspiracy theories have cropped up.

The latest is the one in which he starred Julia Wendella 21-year-old Polish girl who appeared in the media with the claim that it was Maddie McCann. As evidence, he showed an alleged physical resemblance in body markings and an inclusion in his eye. Additionally, to justify the age difference, since Maddy would be 19 today, he argued that his parents lied to him and that they falsified his birth documents, among other things.

Julia Wendell has claimed to be Madeleine McCann mainly because of the physical resemblanceIg / @iammadeleinemccan

Julia for a long time insisted on taking a DNA test to confirm his supposed revelation. Her parents disapproved and explained that the young woman had made up similar stories in the past and that they did not want her to be involved in the whole process. Kate and Jerry What wasthe fathers of the disappeared.

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finally, Wendell underwent a DNA test, which revealed his ancestry The results were decisive. The test indicated that Giulia is 100% Polishwith a small percentage of ancestry from Lithuania and Russia, according to the media radar online.

The news has been confirmed before Via Johansson, a private investigator and broker who has been working with the Polish woman for months. In addition to the fact that the discovery confirmed that the young woman was not the girl sought for 16 years ago, she appreciated the reinvigoration of the investigation thanks to her testimony. next to, She alleged that there could be a connection between her sexual abuser and Madeleine McCann’s kidnapper.

And he added that, Johansson indicated that after learning the outcome, Julia made the decision to move again with her family in Poland.. Since the affair began to be revealed, both of them have lived together in the US, as they had to leave the European country due to the alleged threats the 21-year-old had received.

Madeleine McCann was three years old when she disappeared on May 3, 2007 (Photo: File)

The truth is that despite the fact that there has been no real progress in finally discovering what happened to the British girl during her family vacation in 2007, The topic was again put on the agenda The British and Portuguese authorities began to refocus the investigation.


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