It wanted to become an 'I Am Legend' MMO and hired Will Smith, but lost $100 million in just one year – Undawn

Undawn's performance has prompted a giant like Tencent to rethink its development philosophy

This won't be the most famous failure, but that doesn't stop it from becoming one of the biggest failures in history. dawn It is an action and survival video game set in a zombie-infested world, and has gained some popularity thanks to its sponsorship by Will Smith. The actor starred in the video game's trailer and gave life to a minor character who appeared in some of the missions available during the first days of the title's life. Whoever was the hero of “I Am Legend,” the quintessential film to remember on this occasion, could not save Tencent from disaster. Optimistic forecasts indicate that the company Lost more than one hundred million dollars With the game.

A game that changed Tencent's way of thinking

The information arrived thanks to A Reuters report: “Tencent has seen one of its flagship games fail. Undawn, the zombie shooter that Hollywood star Will Smith was hired to promote, failed miserably despite having a The budget is close to 1 billion yuan [unos 140 millones de euros] And more than 300 developers (…) last month, one year after its launch [en China]Undawn earned $287,000.

The numbers are ridiculous when we compare them to the investments made by the company. However, we were also surprised to discover the astonishing amount of money invested in the project. we We tried Undawn when its global version was released At the beginning of last summer and the match It doesn't seem like it has such a big budget.. Especially if we consider that its port to PC was completely neglected due to the presence of an uncomfortable control system inherited from its version intended for mobile devices.

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More optimistic estimates would put Undawn's total revenue at around $40 million, which still leaves… Losses estimated at about 100 million for Tencent. This is a very harsh blow for the company, since it wanted to adjust its strategy, leaving aside its plan to adapt Western franchises for mobile devices to focus on “first-party” creations like Undawn. This is a formula that has proven successful with projects from other companies, such as: Genshin Impactor Tencent itself, with Honor of kings. However, this time did not provide the expected results. right, They plan lower budget projects Carrying out large productions on a less regular basis.

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