They discovered that 41,000 years ago the Northern Lights moved from the North Pole to the Equator


December 19, 2021 19:58 GMT

This happened during a period of geomagnetic disturbance known as the Lachamp event.

Scientists have discovered that it does 41000 years The northern lights were seen near equator Not in the Arctic as it is today. This occurred during a geomagnetic disturbance known as the Lachamp event or Lachamp flight, which weakened the Earth’s magnetosphere, according to a paper presented by Agnet Mukhopadhyay during the annual conference of the American Geophysical Union. quoted Power Life Science.

During the research, the researcher and colleagues used a range of variables (such as residual magnetic measurements of ancient rock sediments, volcanic activity data, and simulations of magnetosphere interactions with the solar wind) to model the location, shape and form. The power of the hypothetical aurora borealis occurred during the Lachamp event.

According to the simulation results, the magnetosphere has been reduced to about 3.8 times The radius of the Earth during the period of geomagnetic disturbance, which caused the magnetic poles to move towards the equator, so the luminous phenomenon was seen at those latitudes.

Similarly, Mukhopadhyay explained that the research findings provide new evidence to support the hypothesis that the Lachamp event may have caused an environmental crisis that likely jeopardized the Earth’s habitability.

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