Influential senators ask Biden for the US to send vaccines to Latin America

Washington. – Influential members of the United States Senate on Friday requested the United States government Joe Biden Develop a “comprehensive strategy” to address it The Covid-19 Crisis in Latin AmericaEspecially by sending vaccines.

El demócrata Bob Menéndez, que encabeza el Comité de Relaciones Exteriores en el Senado, y sus colegas Tim Kaine, demócrata, y Marco Rubio, republicano, el presidente y el miembro de más alto rango del Subcomité del Hemisferio Occidentiet en inquearon sus Message.

“It is important that the United States expand its efforts to ensure that the world’s most vulnerable people are vaccinated.”. “We request that the Western Hemisphere be considered specifically,” they wrote. Latin America and the Caribbean account for nearly a third of all deaths in the world from Covid-19.

They noted that so far in 2021, 77% of those who traveled to the United States come from Latin America and the Caribbean, and many of them visit family members.

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They pointed out that “given the frequency and number of people who travel between the region and the United States, we urge you to quickly develop a plan to share vaccines with countries in need.”

Lawmakers praised the Biden administration for its declared willingness to ship vaccines to Mexico and Canada, and encouraged the same readiness for the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, the Bahamas and other countries in the hemisphere.

The United States said in late April that it plans to ship up to 60 million doses of AstraZeneca vaccine to other countries that will not need them domestically. But he did not specify the quantities, dates, or countries.

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Menendez, Ken and Rubio emphasized the “national strategic and security benefits” of facilitating neighborhood access to vaccines.

And they warned that “without the commitment and leadership of the United States, our competitors will continue their efforts to take advantage of their less effective vaccines to coerce the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean to support a diplomatic agenda hostile to us.”

For example, they noted that China promised in early 2021 to ship vaccines to Paraguay “in return for the Paraguayan government to stop recognizing Taiwan.”

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