Indian Navy transports INS Kirpan missile corvette to Vietnam

Based on what was posted on social networks, theYesterday, June 28, the Indian Navy announced that its missile aircraft had sailed INS Kirpan (pg. 44) as part of her final voyage under the Indian flag before being handed over and transferred to the Vietnamese Navy.

This fact falls under Vietnamese Defense Minister General Fa Gian announced on June 19 that India first donated and turned over to the Vietnamese Navy Corvette INS KirpanAs part of the state’s commitment to assist its partners in order to improve their titled defense capabilitiesVasudeva Kutumbakamand “Security and Growth for All in the Region” (SAGAR). However, this is also due to the path taken by India and Vietnam in terms of enhancing cooperation in defense matters due to the anxiety generated by the growing presence of the People’s Republic of China in the South Sea.

in the face of the latter, India has strengthened its defense ties with ASEAN countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore and the Philippines through regular joint exercises, military exchanges and training programmes. Median explanation Times of India. However, this was not the only thing the two parties agreed upon, as discussions were also held regarding the exchange of training of Navy personnel and combat pilots, as well as activities related to cyber security and electronic warfare.

class-hit Corvette KhakriIndigenously designed and built, it entered service with the Indian Navy in 1991. It is equipped with medium and short range guns and launchers. Peel and P-15 Termit surface-to-surface anti-ship missiles. The ship is the third cruiser of its class built, and so far it has been in active service and carries out various operations, including those related to humanitarian aid. After handing over to the Vietnamese Navy, it is expected that its name will change.

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