From Madonna to Ginobili. What is the old technology that irritates celebrities and improves quality of life?

“Man seeks immediate comfort and pleasure; this lack of adversity leads us to be weaker and weaker. Although we have evolved as a species, our biology and needs remain the same: We are not designed for the abundance we are immersed in.” Florence Riley tells in her book summary, Genetic and genetic medicine.

Going back to the origins, resetting mind and body, that’s all. Who would have thought that there is a possibility get hacked for himself? As with electronic devices, it is also possible to do this to the body, how? simply through biological penetrationa technique that proposes incorporating the habits of ancestors into Reducing stress and emptying cells thus improving the quality of life.

Suggesting that among her followers are the Queen of Pop, Madonna, Prince Harry and the famous basketball player, Manu Ginobili, who caused an uproar and curiosity when he was seen wearing a aura ringAnd the A smart ring that measures, among other things, sleep quality.

Biohacking: Looking at the sun.AlexSava – E +

This trend has its foundations in the way of life of the first societies: barren, outdoors, simple, nomadic, It contrasts with the current. Living in cities is synonymous with adrenaline, noise, running and abundance. The whirlpool of everyday life takes people so far from themselves, that they become on autopilot, full of responsibilities, worries and tasks, to the point of forgetting or not having time to take a few minutes in the sun or simply go for a walk.

According to World Bank data, 55% of the world’s population lives in cities It is estimated that by 2050, seven out of ten individuals will live in one person.

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In this sense, Marcus Abode, psychologist, biohacking and wellness coach, reflects the positive impact that Live like in the past, with what the environment has to offer. “Following the rhythm of nature, as usual, regulates the daily cycle, strengthens us, brings us calm, gives us immunity, strengthens us. On the contrary, we live fast, sleep little, eat poorly, keep active. And in this “sweat” People fall apart,” the specialist comments.

Biohacking encourages communication with primitives, for example, walking barefoot across grass and across sand
Biohacking encourages communication with primitives, for example, walking barefoot across grass and across sandMartin Steinthaler – Moment RF

As a result of this situation, Apud explains that, Humans were leaving behind many of their basic habits to make way for urban lifeBut the truth is that they are not prepared to face this level of severity, so they get sick. “We live on autopilot and forget about ourselves,” says the psychologist.

In the process of searching for integral equilibrium, this method combines Using technology with biology from everyone To empower them through biological individuality. But what does this mean? It is promoted to live as before, to adopt old habits and to encourage each individual to be an actor in his own life, to change his own destiny and, above all, to have a full and complete influence on his health and emotional state, choosing what to consume, what activities to It must be done and what lifestyle it must lead.

Among those habits, stand out Walking barefoot across the grass, touching plants, eating natural foods or direct exposure to cold or sun, and being physically active. The goal is to re-establish a link between people and nature To live in harmony and calm, improve the immune system and have a longer life as in the past.

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Now, in terms of technology, it was related to Present the results of these actions. And so everything biohacker It has a variety of technological elements known as trackers To implement this practice, which ranges from a ring that measures sleep quality and vital signs during the process, to lenses that filter excess artificial blue light, and applications to measure the level of a sedentary lifestyle and nutrition. Improving and restoring health through an alliance between the body and artificial intelligence, it was possible.

Choose products of natural origin, without preservatives or synthetics.  Whatever comes from the earth will provide more nutrients
Choose products of natural origin, without preservatives or synthetics. Whatever comes from the earth will provide more nutrientsYaji Studio

Thus, there are three principles that govern this technique: incorporating healthy habits, that every living creature has private laboratory, This is it People try, experiment and measure themselves and, finally, share the results in the tribe, “since promoting the life in society”, Psychologist adds.

The biological penetration It emerged from the hand of American businessman and writer Dave Asprey in 2000sHaving gone through times of low energy, irritability, and depression. It quickly became a rage and quickly spread among the bright minds of Silicon Valley. Today who wants can become biohackerAnd the interfering in his life. The only requirement is that the training takes place through courses facilitated by certified trainers.

Controlling one’s actions, choosing which habits to implement and owning the path are part of this current that suggests pressing the brakes and betting on the Conscious and natural life. “Humans are designed to live most of the time in peace and have only a small share of stress, Which goes back, for example, to when people went hunting, in this case, we go in the opposite direction: most of the time we are at the thousandth, and we hardly allow ourselves to lower gear,” concludes Apud.

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