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Although not for Operation 2024, they tell us that Governor Morelos, Cuauhtemoc BlancoMaintains his aspiration to compete for the presidency. The knowers assure that the chances of the former football player are extremely rare because, not only in the various assessments made about the performance of the referees, he has remained in the last positions, but also because the investigations about him and his close team, both in Mexico and in the United States, are increasingly advancing.


Four years after the so-called Fourth Transformation, the problem of impunity remains the main problem in the country. This is confirmed by the public audit reports for the year 2021 that were delivered to the Congress of the Union by a team David Colmenares. After claims to the ASF to account for the cancellation of the new international airport in Mexico City, the entirety of the highest regulator is handed over to 4T, not touching its officials “not even with a petal” for the recommendation. Suffice it to see that more than 80 percent of the resources observed on this occasion, correspond to the so-called requests for clarification, that is, irregularities that were not approved.


Laurie Ann Zimenez FifiAnd the doctor and researcher who was responsible for reminding amloists How Lopez Gatel And their fans why so many Mexicans have died in the pandemic, and you have to be very careful about repeating messages that are not based on science. Be very careful, he says, that people who have already been infected are not exempt from reinfection with the sub-variants of the virus that attacks these days. This is very important, vaccinators get infected and pass the infection on to others. These variants gain greater ability to evade immunity, so the belief that the population is protected because there are so many infections is simply wrong.

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He says the government has dealt with the rhetoric that we can soon return to our lives prior to the pandemic. Of course, there are things that will remain the same, says the doctor. We cannot talk about collective restrictions. We need to follow precautions so we don’t close schools or industries. But habits and behaviors need to change to adapt to our current reality. He warns that the epidemic is not over yet, it is lies of speech.


Those who know say so Guadalupe Acosta Naranjothe former national leader of the Democratic Revolution Party, met with Manlio Fabio Beltrons To talk about PRI without Alexandre Moreno And the odds are that this new group will join the National Civic Front, which will seek to run for a presidential nomination unit for 2024. But they tell us that they respect institutions deeply and try not to interfere in partisan disputes. Only, those who know them tell us, they are in the future as good friends, colleagues or allies of Mexico they imagine.

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