In the economy, they confirm that the dollar will remain stable until November 15th

(by Mara Laudonia, Special Envoy).- A source in the Ministry of Economy who is part of the delegation accompanying Sergio Massa in Washington told Télam today that the value of the official dollar “will remain fixed until November 15”. He explained that this “is what was agreed upon with the International Monetary Fund.”

This means, the source added, that the 22.5% devaluation carried out by the central bank the day after the PASO decision, which raised the official dollar to 350 pesos, “will maintain its stability at that value until after the elections.”

While the official intention “as of November 15” will be to return to the guided exchange rate “according to the value of inflation for the month of October minus 1 or 2 percentage points, which will give a negative rate in relation to inflation in the country.” scroll,” the same source explained.

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And this condition, according to what they say in the economy, will continue at least until the end of the current administration’s term and until the inauguration of the new president.

The division’s program focuses on an intervention based on maintaining fiscal dollars at a certain level, and has an implicit exchange gap that will attempt to achieve a difference of “80% fair value” relative to the value of the official dollar.

According to the source consulted, they in the government consider that, with everything except fresh food, such as dairy products, vegetables and meat, inflation in August will not exceed 9 percent, while in September it will continue at a high level but for October it will decline.

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