Mexico: LinkedIn Report

Mexico: LinkedIn Report

a report LinkedIn Mexico 2022 Sales Forecast shows that 84% of B2B buyers work in hybrid formats and 87% of sellers want to continue operating in hybrids in the future.

Sales have seen an unprecedented development with the pandemic, which has brought with it new ways of doing business and closing contracts in Mexico.

Sellers have adapted to a scenario marked by the need to have the right tools to meet the new consumption habits of potential customers who have found the digital space to be an excellent space to make purchases.

a report LinkedIn I reported that 69% of buyers confirm that the B2B scheme simplifies the buying decision process, in fact, 67% of them are more willing to make a purchase if they are contacted in a personal way by email. In this context, it is a priority for sales teams to invest in tools that help them get a completely virtual connection with potential customers.

Sellers will use technology solutions 70% more during 2022. The sales tools that will be used the most during this year are those related to virtual collaboration (66%), Customer Relationship Management or CRM (58%), sales planning (53%) and sales information (53%).

Nearly half of respondents (45%) agree that one of the main challenges of using sales techniques is dealing with incomplete or inaccurate lead data, which becomes even more worrisome when 79% of salespeople say they have lost important business due to these types of errors .

To combat this, the LinkedIn Sales Navigator data validator can become a great ally for sales professionals, as it automatically flags outdated information in the system to help maintain the quality of your leads and business data.

In this scenario where potential customers value personal contact, the fact of having a profile of LinkedIn It can become an important difference for sellers, as nearly half of those surveyed (45%) said they use the platform to expand their potential customer network.

It is essential that their profiles are complete, as 73% of buyers stated that they would not deal with sellers with a poor default profile. Similarly, buyers are 181% more likely to accept an email on LinkedIn if the company’s sellers have an updated profile.

LinkedIn plays an important role for high-performing marketers, with 58% of them indicating that they have significantly increased their efforts to expand their connections on LinkedIn in 2021 compared to 37% of the group of sellers who fell within their goals.

The survey divided professionals into two groups, with high-performing salespeople reporting having achieved 50% or more of their sales goals in 2021 and a group of other salespeople who only achieved their goals in 2021.

In the words of Sandro Karsava, Director of Sales Solutions at LinkedIn: “It is becoming clearer than ever that in the new panorama of the world of sales, technology is no longer a luxury and has become a real necessity (…) Why, it is necessary for sales teams to adapt their strategies To integrate a more personalized transaction with their customers by implementing tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator to close more contracts and achieve better results.”

This report is part of a LinkedIn series that includes seven other reports: Asia Pacific (covering Australia, India, and Singapore), North America (covering the United States and Canada), Brazil, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United States. kingdom. For each country, we interviewed 750 buyers, 750 sellers and sales managers, and for the entire sales scenario project, we interviewed 15,000 people globally.

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For the Mexico 2022 survey, the Schlesinger Group conducted two surveys in January 2022, one with sales professionals and one with decision makers. Both samples included participants over the age of 21 who work in companies of different sizes and sectors.

In addition to the survey, they used relevant data from the LinkedIn platform related to the sales profession, and we also conducted countless interviews with sales professionals and influencers.

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