Impressive video of a drone skiing down an avalanche up a mountain

A refreshing picture to face the heat of these days at the gates of summer in Spain. Once again, the drone’s powerful recording ability leaves an impressive scene with the wildest nature as the protagonist. important specialist How he managed to record the amazing descent of an avalanche With his drone and GoPro camera. He was at the right time and place.

“There was a severe avalanche warning two days ago, but things seem to have calmed down,” he explained on his YouTube channel, where he shared the video. The drone seems to be surfing the mountain while all the snow is rushing down the slope.

“As we were getting ready to leave, I looked up and saw a huge avalanche coming down the mountain right in front of us.” Although he confirms that he hesitated for a moment, absorbed in what he was witnessing, They had enough time to retrieve the equipment and record the moment It is very difficult to catch.

An avalanche was recorded in Canada by a drone


It is one of the slopes British Columbia mountainsnear Alberta, Canada. This is one of the most common avalanche points in the country Canadian government That thousands of avalanches happen every year, but even so, portraying them as such is not easy.

High temperatures, precipitation or winds as well as earthquakes are some of the reasons that can cause avalanches in the mountains. It is an unforgettable sight, but also Very dangerous for fans of mountain and winter sports. Hikers and skiers should watch out for potential alerts, especially if they enter a poorly guarded area.

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[El increíble vídeo de un dron volando por la cumbre del Everest a más de 9.000 metros]

The landscape could be mistaken for a huge waterfall of water and foam, but it is snow that descends at high speed down the mountainside. They were at a safe distance from which the recording would begin and they could be seen as The drone flies recklessly into the avalanche. “I struggled to get a battery in my drone, fumbled for my GoPro camera, and launched it up the mountain as fast as I could,” says McTuck.

Refers to the user mactac Butter 8 Cinema ONE 7″ Camera Mount, which features a dedicated interface that helps you shoot close to the ground, all with the GoPro Bones Hero 10 camera. These types of cameras are designed to be extremely lightweight and mountable to racing drones. They are capable of recording up to 5k in 4:3 format at 30fps and with HyperSmooth stabilization capabilities with AI algorithms. On the contrary, it does not say what kind of drone you used.

GoPro Hero 10 Black Bones.



FPV drone technology, which allows recording with a remote control from the ground and watching the images being recorded live, is responsible for countless scenes and movies that surprise everyone who sees them. This mountain scene is reminiscent of an action movie created by freestyle skiers with DJI drones or the waterfall, this time it was water, from Angel Falls recorded in a downward fall with the DJI MAVIC 2 PRO.

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