The love of animals does not discriminate against species, especially if they are young or defenseless dogs. This is the message that Twitter user @chicledenaranja wanted to convey in a thread about her short history with ‘Moco’, A baby racket that went viral and left thousands of followers worried Cheers.

The calf fell from the roof of his house on Tuesday night and He looked very fragileSo the young woman fed and sheltered him in the hope that he would survive. At the same time, he recounted his experience minute by minute on his profile and interacted with people who wanted to keep up with Moco’s condition. “It probably won’t last tonight, but at least it’s already eaten and warm,” he asserted.

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Additionally, contact the Indigenous Animal Rehabilitation and Habitat Group (GREFA). To ask them for instructions on how to help the animal As long as he can’t take her to headquarters.

(photo: @chicledenaranja Twitter)

“I’m having a hard time leaving it outside to see if Mama will pick it up, but that’s what GREFA told me to do,” he said. They explained to him that he had to wait an hour, and if the mother did not come, he could send him back to his house.

(photo: @chicledenaranja Twitter)

Once inside his house, keep him warm by leaving a bowl of hot water under his chest. The bat passed the critical hours thanks to the food and the heat, and the next day the girl took it with her. to the university as a last stop before a wildlife refuge. “I still have a few hours with him and I really miss him,” he said.

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(photo: @chicledenaranja Twitter)

On Wednesday afternoon (Spanish time), he finally took him to GREFA and shared several warnings for people who also decided to save wild animals. “I shouldn’t be holding Moco without gloves. No matter how small it is, it is still a wild, disease-carrying animalHe admitted, so he had to know if he should get any vaccinations to avoid complications.

The girl managed to keep the bat alive. (Video: Twitter @chicledenaranja)

As for Moko’s fate, @chicledenaranja explained that he was placed in an incubator with other dogs and it is impossible to tell them apart, but what encouraged her most was the fact that she managed to keep him stable until she took him to the specialists.

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