How to transfer your WhatsApp chat history

Before you start transferring WhatsApp chats, it is necessary to meet a series of requirements on Android devices. Photography: Zachary Schorer/DPA

WhatsApp It has updated its features to allow users to transfer their message history between devices Android And devices internal control Department. This advancement makes it easier for people to continue important conversations when they switch phones, regardless of the operating system they use.

Below, step by step to transfer WhatsApp history between different devices.

To start the transfer process between mobile devices running the operating system AndroidFirst, you must ensure the following points:

– That both cell phones have Android 6 Or later versions.

– On the new phone, you must use the same phone number that you used on the previous phone.

– The new phone must not be registered in WhatsApp until the migration has started on the old phone.

WhatsApp offers a message history transfer feature to make it easier to switch phones. Reuters/Dado Rovik/illustration/archive photo

– Phones should be close to each other.

– Both phones must be connected to a power source, Wifi And activate the site.

Once you meet the above requirements, you can start the process from the new phone:

1. Download WhatsApp and open the application. Complete the configuration process.

2. handle Accept the terms > Verify your number.

3. After searching for a backup, choose Transfer from previous device In the options.

The user must use the QR code to start transferring WhatsApp history from one Android device to another. Reuters/Dado Rovik/Illustration

4. in Transfer chat history from old phonehandle Begins.

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5. After accepting the required permissions, the icon will be displayed Qatari Ryal.

6. Using the camera app on your old phone, scan the QR code displayed on your new phone.

7. To pair the new phone with the old phone, you must accept the connection invitation that appears on the new phone.

8. As you transfer your chat history, a percentage bar will track the progress. Both phones should remain unlocked and WhatsApp should not be closed. While chat history is being transferred, messages cannot be sent or received. It’s possible Eliminates Operation at any time.

9. Once the import is complete, click OK.

To start the migration in WhatsApp, the user must ensure that the new phone has the same number and is not previously registered in the application. (AP Photo/Martin Messner, File)

As is the case with AndroidThe above points must be taken into account. In the case of the iPhone, the user must have it iOS 2.23.5.x or later version installed on both old and new iPhone. Next, the process.

On the previous cell phone:

1. Opens WhatsApp.

2. He presses session > Chats > Transfer conversations to iPhone > Begins.

3. If the option is not activated “WhatsApp wants to access your camera”He presses Allow. The user will use the WhatsApp camera on their old phone to scan the QR code on the new phone.

On a new cell phone:

1. Open WhatsApp.

2. Acceptance of the terms Then verify the phone number.

It is important to keep phones close and unlocked while transferring WhatsApp history to ensure it is completed properly. (Frebek)

3. in Transfer chat history to iPhoneHe presses Complete And accept local network permissions.

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4. Use the camera WhatsApp On the old phone to scan the QR code that appears on the new phone.

5. When prompted, accept the local network permissions.

6. During the chat history migration process, a bar will indicate the progress of the transfer in percentage terms. It is important to keep both phones open and close to each other, without closing the application. WhatsApp.

It will not be possible to send or receive messages while the transfer is in progress. The user has the option to interrupt the process at any time if desired.

8. When it is read Transfer completedHe presses the next. The profile settings page will appear where you must enter your username. After that, you will see a chat list containing all your current conversations.

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