How to know when an email has been read in Gmail, as a blue check mark in WhatsApp

The feature lets you know if the recipient has read an email. (Google)

WhatsApp also cable They are messaging apps that have the option to warn when a contact reads the message we sent to them, and the same applies to popular apps Double check also Reading poems But in Gmail.

However, this tool that is widely known by users of these applications has almost gone unnoticed mail Google.

With a wide range of options like chat and video calling, Gmail has established itself as a comprehensive online communication service. (Google)

The use of this function has been limited to educational and professional fields, as it is beyond the reach of standard service users.

In fact, to activate it you must have an account. Google Workspace Or use an account set up by an administrator school.

If you meet these requirements, to get a reading confirmation you only need to:

– Opens gmail On a computer

– tap on He writes.

He writes Email as you normally would.

– At the bottom right, click More options.

-And then, choose More shipping options And then Request to confirm reading.

This means that when the recipient opens the email, the sending user will receive a message Automated message To indicate that the person has already read the email.

However, notice will be subject to the approval of the recipient, who may accept or postpone the sending of said confirmation; While it is important to keep in mind that the read receipts will be located in the drawer Receive.

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Moreover, the effectiveness of this tool is conditional on various factors; For example, it will not work if the mail is sent to a distribution list or if the administrator has restricted this feature.

While using some protocols like Bob. also Access via IMAP On the recipient's part, it can also affect the receipt of confirmations.

Users with Google Workspace accounts can request a read receipt in Gmail. (Katherine Weibel/DPA)

On the other hand, Gmail users who are looking for this functionality and do not have an educational or professional account can opt for third-party tools such as Mail pathwhich offers an email reading tracking service, including a free plan and the ability to integrate with Toolbar.

However, the effectiveness Affirmations It depends on multiple factors related to the recipient's email system and settings.

This extension is intended Marketing campaigns The functional tasks focus on getting a record of all clicks on emails sent daily. However, it is very important to keep in mind that using this type of extension comes with its risks.

The app will detect unwanted senders and block them automatically. (Fabian Sommer/DPA)

gmail It has been enhanced to prevent unwanted content that annoys users by launching a series of functions that will allow people to have greater control over the messages they receive and block senders.

Starting from February 2024, the service is owned Google It will implement innovations that will focus on three specific fronts: attenuation, control and limits.

Putting a stronger stop to the spread of spam, as much of this content seeks to attack or deceive users with false information.

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In fact, one of the major novelties is the establishment of limits on the number of Email messages Which the sender can send in a certain period of time. This is to prevent users gmail You are bombarded with a large number of messages.

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